World of Warcraft gamer dies after playing 19 hours straight

A 24 years old man believed to be addicted to World of Warcraft died after playing 19-hours straight.

Wu Tai was at an Internet cafe in Shanghai, China for playing the role-playing game. After he spent 19 hours of playing, his friends saw him away from screen and violently coughing. He slumped in his chair after the coughing attack, and his gaming compatriots noticed he was dabbing blood away from his mouth with a handkerchief. The gamer sitting next to him said:

“I suddenly heard him groan and when I turned to see what had happened he was very pale and looked uncomfortable.
He was dabbing his mouth with a hankie which had blood on it.
I asked him if he was OK and he said he’d felt better, but that he would be OK. I called for an ambulance while my friend went to get some help from staff. But while we waited he just died in front of us, and there was nothing the staff could do.”

The medical crews tried to rescue him but he was already dead. A police man said about this:

“An autopsy will determine the cause of death but there seems little doubt his playing on the computer for 19 hours instead of resting contributed to his death.”

Of course playing World of Warcraft is not dangerous as long as people listen to developers and take 15 minutes break after each hour of playing.

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