The Secret World Receives Major Update 1.11

Modern day MMO The Secret World has recieved update 1.11, a major patch which has overhauled a huge range of features.

The general tweaks are listed below and you can find the full patch notes on the website.

Fast travel has been added to the map UI.
Using /reset now automatically resurrects you at the closest anima well.
Reorganized the inventory of all hub vendors.
Some shady new faces have appeared in London’s Darkside peddling a collection of clothing that will rotate stock every day.
Henry the Hot Dog vendor has setup shop in New York, and is selling delicious hot dogs at affordable prices!
Tae-soo has returned to his flea market stall, and is selling a new type of food!
Updated loot tables for rare enemies in Solomon Island, Egypt and Transylvania.
Rare boss Futakuchi-onna’s respawn timer has been adjusted to be more in line with other rare bosses.
All faction phone calls will now use the SMS notification system.
The interaction color for ladders has been adjusted.
Removed Adrian Zorlescu’s incidental’s chat box. It was displaying in error.
Adrian Zorlescu and Rada Nastaste should now properly carry on conversations with each other.
Positions of some targets in the faction training rooms have been adjusted. Some targets in the faction training rooms can be targetted by healing abilities after the tutorial has been completed.
Targets in all the faction training rooms now check whether they are being hit before resetting their health and combat state.
Targets in all the faction training rooms have had their health adjusted.
Changed the image on the login screen.
Changed the image on the splash screen.