It’s been a long time coming. In some parts of the world the original Cabal Online came out a little less than 10 years ago. Not too many years after that, fans were screaming for a sequel and have been ever since. I remember chatting to MMOBombers about CABAL 2 and the rumors surrounding it when I first joined this site almost 5 years ago.

Fast forward to today and ESTGames has announced that CABAL 2 is just around the corner and needs some “gamers who long for the days of MMOs with deep, immersive RPG elements, epic skill-based battles and in-game communities that defined the word ‘massive’” to sign up to not only take part in the upcoming closed beta, but to also have a chance to play as early as next week in a special focus test that starts on December 19th.

“The launch of the beta program and focus testing for CABAL 2 is the first step toward delivering the smooth, strategic and social MMO experience our passionate community deserves,” said Steve Pae, executive vice president of ESTSoft Inc. “With beta signups and the launch of our new forums, it’s finally time for the CABAL 2 community to officially come together, and we’ll reward a lucky few with the chance to be the first to experience the game through our focus group testing next week.”

If you’ve been waiting for CABAL 2, you can head over to the site now and sign up for both the Beta and the Focus tests.

Will CABAL 2 capture the more “hardcore” crowd of MMO players yearning for a more in-depth experience? We won’t have to wait too long as CABAL 2 will be launching sometime in 2015.