I need an actual solution. I’m tried of giving up my ability to be messaged with /busy, I’m tired of people I don’t know and have never encountered, messaging me about gold. The fact that all facets of the game have been improved upon (pvp,pve,teleporting menus,ect.), OTHER THAN GOLD SPAMMERS, I believe it could be time to FINALLY address this.

I’m not going to spend additional MONTHS discussing solutions in game with other players. I’ve already been speaking with players about the legitimacy of efforts by anyone on the game staff to rid us of a CONSTANT BOMBARDMENT of messages, we all agree that LITTLE OR NOTHING has been done to fix this issue. More than anything that infuriates me about this situation, is the extra Spam messages I receive after communicating my issues with your team(GM) in game. It’s almost as if these gold spammers are being allowed to effect my game-play, and are monitoring it enough to know if I have been in contact with GM’s. I BELIEVE NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO REMOVE GOLD SPAMMERS FROM OUR GAMING EXPERIENCE.

If I continue to see no signs of effort by GM’s, (or any game staff) or any reduction in the amount of messages i receive, I can ONLY assume that the game staff is knowingly allowing this abuse. (As I have said many things have been improved in this game, but gold spammers have remained a daily issue) Providing a platform for abuse with no way to remove yourself from said abuse is the POOREST of customer service, I’d even say you are paying the customer a large DISSERVICE by only providing hallow cookie cutter responses ie: the ridiculously long message you send in response to gold spamming issues. Ya know, the one where it goes on to say “just deal with it, we are working on it”. Players are even suggesting that SE is gaining a percentage of profits from the gold spammers. So YEAAAAAAAAH, it’s time to address this.

Here are VERY SIMPLE solutions!
1. Make a /friends option so we can at LEAST still communicate easily with friends and party with them without having to go through the “Are you busy? or am I? no it was you? let me try? no? try now!” that we go through now.

2. Make the first time someone messages you a “yes or no” choice to receive messages from that person from here on: Since gold spammers are removed so slowly and if at all, this would help us with the constant repeat spammers like: Ghfgh Ghfyrt, Ehgh Hreshss, Powleolo Fisher, Safdsf Dsfdsf, Deitrich Brlley, Gustonxa Weild, Erahha Hresh, Jhfgjhg Jhghh, Gfdsrew Gdddd, Dfsag Htrhss ect. BTW, can you do anything about those names? Ive been dealing some of those names for nearly 6 months.

3. Make messaging someone for the first time a face to face experience: If they cant click you, they cant message you, at least that way the lvl50 BLM’s that sit in Uldah on Zalera aren’t just spamming down the list of local people.

4. level 10 /tell requirement: Most of the offenders are not lvl 50 BLM they are lvl 1 newly created characters. We cant even help each other in the game really until after that point anyways, so this would at least make the goldspammer play the game and work for it each time they make a character, building a slow-building frustration for them, INSTEAD OF US!

Want more options? This isn’t difficult to deal with AT ALL, it’s just NOT being dealt with.

I’m very sorry for the tone of this post, but I’m sick of the constant harassment, and I know everyone else is too. Your team is letting the creation of a wonderfully immersive game be dismantled and distorted by !!!!BLING!!! WANNA BUY GOLD?!?!?!?! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..