Albion Online Starting Out Fresh

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I wanted to give you guys a quick look at the game. This is a sandbox title that needs a little patience. But if you can keep an open mind. You will greatly appreciate the game for what it is. Theirs something about building a character from scratch.

True Sandbox build everything from scratch Player Driven Economy Play as you want PVE/PVP/Trader Make whatever you want in steps Plenty of Dungeon running Easy to understand what you need to do Destiny Board is a different take on questing

Where’s the story in this game? More random enemies would be nice May take more patience then people have Opening land costs are a little high Getting into the beta at this point is pay2play

Those of you who like run and gun or diablo fast games. This ones not for you stay away. For those of you who want to feel accomplished. Like wow I took this character from nothing to legend. This game maybe for you.