RuneScape’s GameBlast15: DXP Weekend Statistics

From 12:00 pm on Friday, 20 Feb 2015, to 12:00 pm on Monday, 23 Feb 2015, the popular massively multi-player online game RuneScape held a double experience weekend for GameBlast15. Now, as you can probably guess, a double experience weekend doubles all experience points gained in that specified time frame. Jagex have released the statistics of experience gained during that weekend in a forum post. There are some truly staggering figures.

Here is a brief overview:

1139 billion experience points were gained spread across twenty six different skills,
7.2 million levels were gained in those twenty six skills,
51,947 ‘max level’s were gained in those twenty six skills,
357 (200 million) Max experience points were reached,
2062 mastery capes were achieved. (Obtained at 104 million experience in a skill.)

Chart Key

Experience Gained

Levels Gained

99’s Gained

200 Million Experience Achievements

Cape Mastery Achievements

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