The Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Athena “Vyvyanne” Peters today posted the first Producer’s Letter of 2015, wherein she discussed Turbine’s plans for the MMO for the coming year.

Peters promises new group instances as the game pushes forward to Minas Tirith and Osgiliath, where the closing battles for the War of the Ring were fought, as well as a new kind of episodic content which she compares to a TV show, and the squashing of the game’s “most persistent bugs.”

But as a long-time LOTRO player who just crafted a first-age level 100 greatsword, my lidless eye was drawn to the mention of a reworking of legendary items that will let you keep your top-level weapons, which will be able to gain experience apparently indefinitely. The skeptical part of me figures it’ll just be replacing one grind with another, and I could probably write entire paragraphs on my dissatisfaction with the legendary item system, but any improvement would be greatly appreciated.

The final item on the list was talk of a new player-versus-monster-player zone in Osgiliath, which would be the first new space in that ilk in about seven years. That’s major news to the Ettenmoors crowd, which is still oddly alive, at least on my home server of Arkenstone, despite having little new to do. The letter says that the area would focus on “smaller and more tightly focused conflicts,” which might lead one to speculate that it could be fixed-group battleground-style PvP.

In any case, it’s always nice to have hope for new stuff… now we’ll just have to wait and see how well Turbine can deliver!


If Albion Online‘s hardcore, full-loot, crafting-based gameplay sounds like your cup of tea, you can take a crack at the title from Sandbox Interactive later this month during the winter alpha for the game, which starts on the 26th.

Access is currently limited to founders, with packages ranging from $29.95 to $99.95, but the game will be free-to-play when it launches, and your early investment grants you all sorts of goodies and perks. The highest level grants access to this and all future alphas and betas, as well as a 90-day premium account, a house, and fancy gilded gold lettering on your character’s in-game display name. No, really, that’s exactly what it says on the website: “fancy gilded gold lettering.”

I spent some time in Albion Online last year while Spunkify did a First Look, and while it wasn’t up my alley, I could see how it could appeal to a niche crowd looking for a particular style of game. If you’ve got the time — and currently the money — it might be worth a look.

Taichi Panda’ Coming this Month, New Character Trailer Released

Back in November when Snail Games announced their upcoming character action game Taichi Panda would be releasing before the end of the year, it looks like they were a bit off the mark. Not too far off though, as today they’ve revealed that the game is on track to release in January. They don’t have a specific date in January, but I’ll take what I can get. They’ve also released a new trailer for the game, showing off the three playable characters in Taichi Panda.

Taichi Panda New Character Trailer

We played an early version of Taichi Panda at E3 in June of last year, and I actually really enjoyed it then. It looks like it’s come a long way since, so I’m hoping the final product will live up to my expectations. There aren’t a ton of great action games of this particular style, so there’s definitely a hole to be filled. Look for Taichi Panda to launch sometime later this month.

FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team for Gold Cards Cheats on Android

Build and play your own team for gold and victory

This new game from EA is the newest entry into the long-storied footy or soccer franchise where you will be able to play endlessly and you are able to customize and build a team using a nearly endless assortment of players. Playing this game is not like playing football manager in which you will be allowed to figure out how to construct your team correctly, and how to make it the best team out of anything you can master.

Pick only solid squad before going to the match

After unlocking the initial flood of bonus card packs, you can then create a new squad, whereby it is too time-consuming to try to mess with your starting squad.

Here, you have to pick up a good formation, then start searching by position to play in the match. Moreover, you should fill up everything as best you can. At this point, you must match players to their positions for a position bonus, then match players by nationality for a chemistry bonus. Anyway, if you have a position which is unfilled by any of your players, just select the closest substitute statistically such as a CM instead of an LM. Then try to change your formation to fit what positions you have a surplus of top players in.

FIFA 2015 Ultimate Team Cheats and Tips

Use the transfer market to get the best players

In this game, you will also be allowed to use the transfer market to get rid of any unwanted player, because with so many formation types, somebody out there will take them off of your hands. Later on, you can even buy the low-bid players if you think they are undervalued, then you can also auction them off for a higher price and make a profit form it. You can do this time and time again to trade your way to your ultimate team. In the option menu, you are able to change everything from the difficulty to the controls either classic or casual, plus the button layout, the camera angle and camera height based on what device you play the game on and whether it is a phone, tablet or phablet and even the half length

You can also change it for if you want to play a quick game within two minute halves or a longer game within ten minute halves. On the other side, you can complete the active objectives, one after the other in order to get this game more fun to play. In addition, every time you complete that objective, you will have a chance of earning loads of gold, card packs, and FIFA points as bonus rewards.

10 Tired Video Game Plots Everyone Is Sick Of Seeing

There’s a particularly horrifying revelation in store for anyone who delves into the Super Mario Bros. instruction manual.

It has a story summary, and while it’s little more than a paragraph, it explains in some detail that Bowser’s magic transformed the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom into stones, plants and, disturbingly, bricks. Yes, the blocks that Mario gleefully smashes his way through to earn points are actually the people you’ve been trying to save, meaning you’re guilty of gymnastic genocide. Not that you’d know that just by playing the game, of course, as there’s no attempt at explaining the plot whatsoever.
Things couldn’t be more different nowadays. Even Mario feels the need to explain in some detail why Bowser’s kidnapped Princess Peach this week, and most modern games wouldn’t be caught dead without a story. After all, we live in a world where people are, right now, seriously discussing a Tetris movie.

Everyone loves a good story, but it’s hard to play through a game and not feel that what you’re hearing is a little… familiar – or cliché-riddled derivative fluff, depending on how harsh you’re feeling.

Games have the potential to open up new ways of storytelling and explore properly interactive narrative, but first they need to unshackle themselves from the same old ideas we’ve been seeing since the 1980s. Gaming is full of hackneyed plot devices that need chucking onto the scrap heap, but there are a few that crop up time and time again.

10 Things Mass Effect Does Better Than Star Wars

Star Wars has a prestigious pedigree of cultural influence that most franchises never see, and despite being tarnished somewhat by the prequel films, love for the series is still as strong as ever. In terms of its footprint within popular culture it is the king of science fiction/fantasy, to the point where it is near heresy to criticise it… well, at least the original trilogy, anyway.

And yet, while Mass Effect may be a relative newcomer to the sci-fi genre, it more than holds its own against the competition, including Star Wars.

The writers and artists at Bioware have taken classic elements of the genre to create a compelling work all their own. It may be a video game, but Mass Effect can easily be considered one of the best science fiction universes around. In fact, it could be argued that it is better than Star Wars in a lot of ways.

Is it blasphemy to say this? Perhaps, but thanks to advancements in technology and the advantage of its medium, many of Mass Effect’s accomplishments within the realm of science fiction outshine what the Star Wars films have done. Both series are great and have their own strengths and weaknesses, and in some areas Mass Effect is just better. If Star Wars helped lay the groundwork for contemporary sci-fi, than Mass Effect evolved it to new heights.

It should be noted that it would be all too easy to get bogged down in the extended fiction of both franchises. So for the sake of simplicity only the core three games of Mass Effect and the six Star Wars films will be compared. With that disclaimer out of the way, these are some of the things Mass Effect does better than Star Wars.

Best MMO Game of 2014 — The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online was one of the most anticipated subscription-based MMORPGs to hit the PC in 2014. While many believed that subscription-based MMOs are a thing of the past, The Elder Scrolls Online found success with this mode and continues to flourish with monthly updates.

The release of The Elder Scrolls Online wasn’t perfect, although Zenimax Online is consistently listening to subscribers and fixing what needs to be done. A quality that is quite rare to find in newer RPGs. From launch up until now, The Elder Scrolls Online has seen a lot of improvements to its gameplay, aesthetics and end-game content. As we enter a new year, we are hoping that Zenimax Online continues to listen to fan feedback and release monthly updates.

Despite the delay of the console version, one thing console owners can expect is when the game launches on the PS4 and Xbox One, it will be bug-free and on par with the PC version. Just be patient guys!

Super Smash Bros. Fan Album Gets 27-Track Supplement

Back in October, we brought word of a gigantic Super Smash Bros. fan album called Harmony of Heroes, an obscene collection of 101 tracks spanning the entire Smash series. But despite featuring so much music, it lacked tunes from the latest Smash on 3DS and Wii U — the games weren’t out yet by the time work on the album was completed.

Therefor, project director Darren Kerwin brought the team back together for a supplemental album called Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash, which adds a modest 27 tracks to the pile. These are predominantly arrangements from the 3DS and Wii U sequels, save for songs like “Snake Eater” from Metal Gear Solid 3 and the Sonic the Hedgehog tracks that were missing the first time around. That means you can expect jams from Mega Man, Xenoblade, Pac-Man, Punch-Out!!, and others.

Hit up the Final Smash page to download the free album in either MP3 or M4A format.

Merry Christmas From MMOGames

After a month of waiting, today is the day. The MMOGames team would like to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. We sincerely hope this Christmas is one to remember. The members of our team will be spending the holidays with our family and friends, they are the most important thing we have in this world. We encourage everyone to do the same.

News updates and articles might be a little on the slow side for the next couple days. Not to worry though, there are lots of great titles coming in the new year and our intuition tells us 2015 is going to be a great one. MMOGames will be there every step of the way, providing the highest quality MMO related content.

Heroes of the Storm: 2014 Year In Review

2014 has been a jam-packed year for Heroes of the Storm! After a rocking PAX East in March, Blizzard launched their Technical Alpha, and have been working on improving the game and its infrastructure ever since so that more people than ever can join them in the Nexus. Throughout the year they also shared the latest game updates here online and offered thousands of attendees of PAX East, gamescom, PAX Prime, and BlizzCon a sneak peek at the developments ahead. What’s more, they even premiered their first Heroes of the Storm Exhibition Match at BlizzCon 2014!


Blizzard still have a lot of plans in store, and there are new Heroes, announcements, and a host of exciting new features ahead, including updates on Ranked Play, Draft Mode, and updated Social Systems on the horizon. Their aim is to continue to build upon the fundamentals they’ve established in Heroes of the Storm, and shape it into something even more fun and compelling. Most of all, they want players to be excited about jumping in for a brawl with their favorite Heroes, whether you are playing alone, with friends, or if you crave the pulse-pounding thrills of a competitive team environment. Whatever your preferences, they want to make sure they’re there to support you all the way to victory!


Over the last nine months they’ve introduced 32 powerful and unique Heroes, five dynamic Battlegrounds, 111 Skins, and 12 steadfast Mounts, with more on the way. Iconic Heroes like Jaina and Kerrigan have been joined by quirky and unconventional Heroes like the Murky and Abathur to offer players a variety of new, exciting, and often unconventional ways to do battle in the Nexus. They’ve also implemented a combined total of 369 different color Tints available across our Heroes, Skins, and Mounts to help you customize your look so you can brawl… in style. Better yet: all of these color Tints can be unlocked for free as you play your Heroes and seek to master them on field of battle.


But that’s not all! This year they’ve also been steadily working to improve the quality of their models, animations, and effects in Heroes of the Storm, and they’ve had six major patches. These patches have included not only a variety of new content and balance changes, but they also added a new Progression system, reward changes, extensive UI changes, Custom Games, Replays, and the option for players to add or remove human or A.I. players, and organize observers and teams much more easily.


They’re very excited to enter Closed Beta on January 13 as they continue to expand their pool of testers and move into later stages of testing. If you haven’t received an invitation to test Heroes of the Storm yet, it’s not too late! Make sure you’ve elected to participate in Heroes of the Storm testing by opting in on your Battle.net account’s Beta Profile Settings page. By doing so, you’ll give yourself the best chance at gaining testing access as they expand the pool of invited players in the weeks and months to come.


Regardless of whether or not you’re currently in the Technical Alpha, they also wanted to take a moment to thank you for your passion and feedback for Heroes of the Storm, which continues to help them fine-tune and improve the game’s features and balance.