Wyvill Recreating League of Legends Champions In Minecraft

It is common for League of Legedns fans to simply make custom skins based on each champions. However, Reddit user wyvill is recreating every Champion from League of Legends in Minecraft. He is certainly improving the degree of difficulty since he is makking building-sized recreations of characters. Here’s his Minecraft tribute to Teemo, arguably the most-despised Champion in the game for a myriad of reasons:

League of Legends

Wyvill has made 9 Champions so far and LoL has 124. Riot’s continually adding new ones over time, too, with the most recent being Bard.

League of Legends

It sounds like Wyvill’s able to make them at a fast rate though so he could knock it out within the year if he’s so inclined.

“I’ve been making these for about 3 weeks on and off,” he said on Reddit. “Each one takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on how complex they are and how lazy I am being.”

The Secret World Receives Major Update 1.11

Modern day MMO The Secret World has recieved update 1.11, a major patch which has overhauled a huge range of features.

The general tweaks are listed below and you can find the full patch notes on the website.

Fast travel has been added to the map UI.
Using /reset now automatically resurrects you at the closest anima well.
Reorganized the inventory of all hub vendors.
Some shady new faces have appeared in London’s Darkside peddling a collection of clothing that will rotate stock every day.
Henry the Hot Dog vendor has setup shop in New York, and is selling delicious hot dogs at affordable prices!
Tae-soo has returned to his flea market stall, and is selling a new type of food!
Updated loot tables for rare enemies in Solomon Island, Egypt and Transylvania.
Rare boss Futakuchi-onna’s respawn timer has been adjusted to be more in line with other rare bosses.
All faction phone calls will now use the SMS notification system.
The interaction color for ladders has been adjusted.
Removed Adrian Zorlescu’s incidental’s chat box. It was displaying in error.
Adrian Zorlescu and Rada Nastaste should now properly carry on conversations with each other.
Positions of some targets in the faction training rooms have been adjusted. Some targets in the faction training rooms can be targetted by healing abilities after the tutorial has been completed.
Targets in all the faction training rooms now check whether they are being hit before resetting their health and combat state.
Targets in all the faction training rooms have had their health adjusted.
Changed the image on the login screen.
Changed the image on the splash screen.

ArcheAge Update Brings New Level 55 Skills

As we all know, the path to level 55 in ArcheAge is quite long and difficult. To speed your journey, the team behind ArcheAge’s NA/EU server is going to release a new update “Secrets of Ayanad” recently, easing the amount of experience required to gain levels after 50. Besides, each level after 50 can get an additional skill point, which allows for new combinations and greater flexibility in your available specs and – along with Obsidian Weapons – makes hybrid characters more relevant in all aspects of the game.

The launch of Secrets of Ayanad will also bring various new skills of level 55, which can further diversify your options when building your class. You can find more details about the new skills and their potential applications on the official site now.

The release of Secrets of Ayanad and level 55 are right around the corner, adventurers! Prepare to bring new tactics to the battlefield and your enemies to their knees with these powerful new abilities as you battle for the Secrets of Ayanad!

World of Warcraft gamer dies after playing 19 hours straight

A 24 years old man believed to be addicted to World of Warcraft died after playing 19-hours straight.

Wu Tai was at an Internet cafe in Shanghai, China for playing the role-playing game. After he spent 19 hours of playing, his friends saw him away from screen and violently coughing. He slumped in his chair after the coughing attack, and his gaming compatriots noticed he was dabbing blood away from his mouth with a handkerchief. The gamer sitting next to him said:

“I suddenly heard him groan and when I turned to see what had happened he was very pale and looked uncomfortable.
He was dabbing his mouth with a hankie which had blood on it.
I asked him if he was OK and he said he’d felt better, but that he would be OK. I called for an ambulance while my friend went to get some help from staff. But while we waited he just died in front of us, and there was nothing the staff could do.”

The medical crews tried to rescue him but he was already dead. A police man said about this:

“An autopsy will determine the cause of death but there seems little doubt his playing on the computer for 19 hours instead of resting contributed to his death.”

Of course playing World of Warcraft is not dangerous as long as people listen to developers and take 15 minutes break after each hour of playing.

You could soon play World of Warcraft for free

World of Warcraft is a testament of time. Every time it looks like subscriber numbers are irreparably dwindling, Blizzard manages to suck dedicated fans right back in. Last year that came in the form of Warlords of Draenor, which served as a rather fantastic expansion for the ever popular MMO. This year, it’s a new feature that will allow you to play World of Warcraft for free. Sort of.
Blizzard has revealed WoW Tokens, which can be purchased in-game, with in-game currency, to increase subscription time. The Tokens are made available initially through the game’s store for real-world cash, after which they can be sold on the in-game auction house. Players can purchase the tokens from other players using in-game gold, after which it becomes soulbound (meaning they can’t sell it again for a profit).

What this essentially means is that truly dedicated players could end up reducing World of Warcraft to a free-to-play title, without all the extra baggage that usually follows a transformation like that. There’s no idea yet as to how much the Tokens will cost, so it’s still up in air the over how feasible the entire system will end up being.

It’s a logical move for a number of reasons. New players can already dive into World of Warcraft for free up until level 10, so being able to carry on playing purely off in-game gold could easily entice those put off by the monthly subscription. It also gives existing, on-the-fence players a reason to hang around for a bit. Having to pay for a game you aren’t getting as much time into is a good reason to give it up, but if you’re able to fund game time through playing it changes the dynamic drastically.

EVE Online did the same a few years ago with their PLEX system, and it seemed to work especially well with players deciding whether to continue the addiction or not. If you’re on the fence about continuing to shell out monthly for World of Warcraft, this Token system could easily make up your mind. If you play enough, and the price is fair, free World of Warcraft certainly sounds like a deal and a bit.

RuneScape’s GameBlast15: DXP Weekend Statistics

From 12:00 pm on Friday, 20 Feb 2015, to 12:00 pm on Monday, 23 Feb 2015, the popular massively multi-player online game RuneScape held a double experience weekend for GameBlast15. Now, as you can probably guess, a double experience weekend doubles all experience points gained in that specified time frame. Jagex have released the statistics of experience gained during that weekend in a forum post. There are some truly staggering figures.

Here is a brief overview:

1139 billion experience points were gained spread across twenty six different skills,
7.2 million levels were gained in those twenty six skills,
51,947 ‘max level’s were gained in those twenty six skills,
357 (200 million) Max experience points were reached,
2062 mastery capes were achieved. (Obtained at 104 million experience in a skill.)

Chart Key

Experience Gained

Levels Gained

99’s Gained

200 Million Experience Achievements

Cape Mastery Achievements

World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 Now Live: Bug Fixes, New Blood Elf Character Models, Talent Balance, And More

WoW fans, get ready for a huge update that has been a long time coming. Warlords of Draenor, the expansion to World of Warcraft was updated on Tuesday and gave the game a whole slew of changes and tweaks that will be refreshing for old and new gamers alike.

Blizzard gives a very detailed rundown of all the updates in Patch 6.1 which went live on Feb. 24 after a few hours of downtime for the game. The 2.8GB update was worth the wait for many gamers; especially those who were already growing bored with the game and felt that it needed some sprucing up.

Among the many fixes in the patch, the long overdue issue related to mouse or lag, making the game go haywire and causing irritating bugs like suddenly shifting camera angles, mistargeted healing spells, and characters suddenly turning when you don’t want them to, were finally addressed.

Other additions include a selfie cam; new daily visitors to your garrison who will offer bounty, relic, dungeon, and weekly raid quests; new pets to collect by beating bosses in different locations; and a new Platinum reward level for garrison invasions; among many other game tweaks.

Players can now also complete a mission to create their own jukebox and expand their collection of songs to play on it by collecting Music Rolls in the game.

More exciting Blood Elf character model changes were also introduced with the patch which both male and female characters were given subtle enhancements here and there to give them a new makeover without losing their iconic looks.

“The Blood Elves bring a bit of subtlety to the Horde, and I think that was one of the most important aspects of the Blood Elves to maintain,” said senior artist Dusty Nolting.

With such a huge array of updates and additions introduced to this hefty patch, the World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor definitely was given a much-needed breathe of fresh air to keep old fans coming back and get new gamers interested in playing.

World of Warcraft patch introduces new color-blind support options

World of Warcraft will introduce new color-blind support options as part of a new update.

Patch 6.1, which is in the Public Test Realm, will implement a new user interface system designed to assist players with visual issues related to color-blindness.

How has World of Warcraft changed in its first 10 years?

The new ‘Accessibility’ interface configuration section allows users to enable both text and color enhancements that may improve their visual experience while playing the game.

The ‘Enable UI Color-blind Mode’ option, which was previously in the help section, can now be found under ‘Accessibility’.

“These text enhancements add certain words and phrases to the tooltips throughout the game – tooltips that, by default, use different colors to indicate useful information about objects, NPCs, and other players,” Blizzard explains in an update on Battle.net.

“For example, when you move your mouse cursor over a piece of rare gear and then a piece of epic gear, the game colors the names of the items blue and then purple, respectively.

“With ‘UI Color-blind Mode’ enabled, the game will add the words ‘Rare’ and ‘Epic’ to the tooltips for those items. For players who find it difficult to discern between friendly, neutral, or hostile targets, additional indication text in the tooltip will now appear when you move your mouse cursor over other characters.”

Patch 6.1 will also introduce a selfie camera that will become available to players upon completion of a specific quest.

Manager Fired From Pro League of Legends Team After He Threatened Player

German team Meet Your Makers parts ways with manager over comments made to a player looking to leave the team.

Just a week after the most recent major League of Legends controversy was settled comes another report of a scandal surrounding the massively popular PC MOBA.

German professional League of Legends team Meet Your Makers (MYM) have fired their manager Sebastian “Falli” Rotterdam after it was revealed that he threatened a player in an effort to keep him from quitting the squad. Writing on Facebook, MYM announced that Rotterdam had been “released” from the team, though the group later explains the situation more bluntly, saying he was “fired.” The in-depth Facebook post explains the drama and what MYM is doing to combat future problems.

Among other things, MYM says it will host “1-on- 1” sessions with its players and a neutral party with the objective of understanding management areas that need improvement. The team also hopes it will be able to more proactively identity similar issues going forward as a result of the 1-on-1 meetings.

But that’s not all.

“We’ve always trusted our managers to do what’s best for the players and exercise discretion in their decision making. In this instance, our trust has been abused,” MYM said. “Going forward, we will host regular bi-monthly chats with all players and management to keep updated on any ongoing concerns. Management will also need to ask for approval from the CEO for any decisions involving player changes so that ultimate responsibility lies with CEO Khaled Naim.”
Check out the full, lengthy Facebook post for a further explanation of the controversy and what MYM is doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The Daily Dot was the first to report on the MYM scandal. Editor Richard Lewis wrote that Rotterdam threatened a player looking to leave the team by saying he would make sure the player’s mother–who apparently signed his contract–“would lose the house” she lives in.

Rotterdam later apologized for his remarks, saying it was a “big mistake” to say such things. He also said he would be willing to step down from his position as a result of the fallout, something he’s now done.

This is the second League of Legends scandal to come to light in as many weeks.

Last week, a Philippines-based eSports organization drew controversy concerning new League of Legends rules that stipulated a team would be limited to one gay or transgender woman per squad over fears that they “probably have some unfair advantage.” The group, Garena, has since apologized and changed course.

Rift: New 20-Player Raid Tyrant’s Forge Waiting for Your Challenge

Last week we had a report about the Rift’s new update: Storm at Sea. In this report we mentioned the Tyrant’s Forge, a 20-player Raid new added in game. Today let’s take a look at this new raid.


While fighting with Crucia’s Storm Legion still rages, Ascended have discovered the abyssal passage into Tyrant’s Forge, the second 20-player raid to debut in Nightmare Tide.

Cast aside the Yrlwalach, summon your allies, and chase the Queen of Storms to the dire foundry where Legion technicians race to complete a new body for the Dragon of Air – a marvel of magic and steel that will give her dominion over the planes!

Freeing Johan


Tipped off by ex-Storm Legion pirates, Guardians and Defiant have found the passage leading to Tyrant’s Forge. Unfortunately, its entrance is defended by Johan, a suffering monstrosity who is part akvan, part construct, part shark.

The victim of an operant-conditioning program gone wrong, Johan would gladly abandon Crucia were it not for the giant shock collar she embedded in his hide. Of course, the collar’s control mechanism is vulnerable, if you know where to look ….

The Legion Aquatic


Between Johan and the forge lies a sprawling rusted scrapyard known as the Storm Cage. Once bustling with troops and salvage operations, it serves as Crucia’s home for PUMPKIN, a deep-sea mech built to withstand the unknown depths (and horrors) of the Plane of Water.

The Legion have orders to use PUMPKIN should the Ascended arrive – though no one is quite certain how it functions above the surface. Rumors speak of violent elemental attacks and nigh-impervious armor, but also of the chance for achievement-hunters to win a version of the mech for themselves!

Long Live The Queen


Suspended from an energized field at the top of the Legion’s guarded forge, a massive robotic dragon form waits to carry Crucia into battle once more. It is nearly perfect, it is nearly complete, and the Queen of Storms will go to any length to prevent its destruction.

Victory against Crucia – improbable as it may be – is paramount to the survival of the planes. It’s also extremely lucrative, as Tyrant’s Forge boasts a trove of best-in-slot gear including rings, necklaces, and capes with new proc effects!