How DhTekKz Won the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series FUT Champions Cup –

Posted February 2nd at 6:00pm.

Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt was a name that few people knew a week ago. The 16-year-old from Exeter was ranked 55th on the Xbox One leaderboards based on his November 2017 Weekend League results, meaning that he barely squeaked into the tournament at all. He had less than 1,000 Twitter followers when the weekend began. But by Sunday evening, DhTekKz would be a legend.

One by One, Tournament Favorites Fall Short

When the FUT Champions Cup Barcelona last weekend started the FIFA 18 Global Series Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup, many of the biggest names in FIFA competitive gaming were present. Players like last year’s FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series winner Corentin “Vitality Rocky” Chevrey and top Xbox One seed Michael “MegaBit” Bittner. But those heavyweights, along with many others, were left in the wake of possibly the greatest narrative in competitive FIFA history.

Many of the FIFA players in Barcelona had all the marks of a professional. Some (and their FUT squads) bore the jerseys of real-life club sponsors. Some changed their gamer tags to include the gaming organizations to which they were signed. Many brought coaches with them who barked orders in headsets and brought out notebooks at halftime to go over tactics.

An Exeter Underdog

DhTekKz wasn’t signed to a professional club, and he didn’t come to Barcelona with a coach in tow. His squad often bore the jerseys of his favorite team, Liverpool Football Club. He chose the crest of Exeter City Football Club, to represent his hometown on the global stage. His parents accompanied him and cheered him on throughout the tournament, but only in the later rounds did he have a coach, when professional Roma pro Sam “Roma Poacher” Carmody volunteered to help after his own exit from the tournament. In a room surrounded by professionals, DhTekKz’s amateur status kept him under the radar. 

The FUT Champions Cup group stage used a Swiss-style format, meaning all matches in the stage were between players with identical records. DhTekKz started slowly, losing two of his first three rounds in the group stage. But that round 3 loss would be his last. His journey through the group stage was highlighted with a 7-2 aggregate win over Vitality Rocky, who wouldn’t make it out of the stage. The teenage DhTekKz qualified for the knockout stage with a respectable 5-2 record, keeping company with tournament favorites—making commentators give him a second look.

Hints of Greatness

DhTekKz said after the group stage that he felt everything was going against him, considering the ridiculously difficult matchups he’d had thus far. “Beating Rocky, I was just happy. I don’t know what to say, I’m speechless.” Despite having a mountain to climb, he remained confident, saying, “I believe in myself, I think I can go on and win, but that’s just how it is. It’s good that I played those players, so I can prove myself.”

With so much talent, the competition was intense in both console brackets. No player had an “easy” run in this tournament, but the path DhTekKz took makes his surprise victory even more impressive. He was challenged quickly, facing the self-proclaimed “best FIFA player in the world” and tenth Xbox One seed kurt0411. DhTekKz dispatched kurt0411 with a 5-1 aggregate win, finally turning heads in Barcelona and around the world.

This made DhTekKz’s play style and tactical choices a hot topic for the tournament’s commentators. He used a lot of skill moves during matches, a choice that some saw as showboating—but others considered a fresh approach to the competitive game. The margins in competitive FUT are often thin, so skill moves (especially in dangerous areas of the pitch) are used sparingly when there is a lot at stake. But DhTekKz found a way to incorporate flashy skills into his game without sacrificing too much, and it was clearly paying off. 


Bucking the Tactical Trends

Tactically, DhTekKz played a bit of a different style in some matches, picking a 4-2-3-1 formation rather than the more popular formations, like the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond and traditional 4-4-2. Using 4-2-3-1, DhTekKz said, provided a counter-attacking strategy that had served him well in qualification. “I’ve got two styles, I’ll either do possession or just counter-attack. Against Gorilla I decided to go counter-attack and it worked well. I tried to match Rocky at his own game. I feel like I can take anyone on in their own style.” This isn’t a single tactic that he employed, but rather a style of play that relied on understanding FIFA on a level that allows him to tweak his game to suit any opponent.

Bold tactical choices and a keen understanding of skill moves are just part of DhTekKz’s exceptional style of play. Tournament commentator Richard Buckley said “what makes [DhTekKz] special is that he is unpredictable in his gameplay, he does things that other pros don’t. This includes skill moves and long shots, which others just don’t expect him to do.” 

DhTekKz had a slightly tougher match in the console quarterfinals, but finished off another big name in Hashtag United pro Ryan “Hashtag Ryan” Pessoa with a tight 3-1 win. With two top-ranked players in his wake, DhTekKz was riding a wave of hype. But his opponent was VfL Bochum 1848 e-Sports pro and the highest-ranked Xbox One player in the world, Michael “MegaBit” Bittner. Would he be able to hang with Megabit, the only player that went undefeated in the November Weekend League? 

This matchup ended up being one of the tournament’s best, as DhTekKz and Megabit provided an end-to-end, 16-goal thriller over the two-game semifinal. The hype train for DhTekKz was going full speed, and it seemed like the entire competitive FIFA world was buying tickets. Buckley referred to this match as DhTekKz’s most impressive performance of the entire tournament. 

Glory Is Within His Reach

Two more opponents and four games stood between DhTekKz and competitive FIFA history. His console final opponent, Germany’s Niklas “NRaseck7” Raseck, might have only been the 35th-ranked player, but he wasn’t a pushover. DhTekKz came out swinging and easily finished the first leg with a 4-1 advantage that included a second-half penalty kick. But it was NRaseck7 who jumped to an early second leg lead, bringing the aggregate score up to 4-2 in the opening minutes. The German turned the screws again, scoring a fantastic goal in the 31st minute with Cristiano Ronaldo to inch closer to DhTekKz’s lead. DhTekKz looked rattled, but, he kept his nerve, getting an insurance goal near the end of the game and preserveing his and a place in the Grand Final.

Despite his age, this was a recurring theme in this competition for DhTekKz—keeping his nerve. Surrounded by players with far more experience at the competitive level than him, DhTekKz never looked like he’d fold under pressure. Buckley said that he noticed it multiple times over the course of the tournament. “The most impressive part of the victory was that, given his age, he didn’t let the pressure of the tournament affect his gameplay or the way that he kept his composure throughout the three days.”

The Final Showdown

While not as unknown as DhTekKz, PlayStation 4 bracket champion Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba quietly racked up an impressive tournament after ranking sixth in the world to qualify. Starting with a tight win over August “Hashtag Agge” Rosenmeier in the round of 32 and ending with a decisive win in the console finals over FC Basel pro Tim “TheStrxngeR” Katnawatos, nicolas99fc put together a solid resume ahead of the event Grand Final.

But there could be only one champion. While nicolas99fc certainly had his fans—especially from his home country of Argentina—the real buzz surrounding the Grand Final concerned DhTekKz. Fans around the world flocked to the live stream, eager to see if the Exeter teenager would complete his underdog story.  

The entertainment began almost immediately. DhTekKz started with a bang, scoring his first goal after a few seconds. Even though nicolas99fc put up a valiant effort, his young opponent was simply too much. The first leg ended with a tight 3-2 scoreline, but DhTekKz ran away with the title and secured a 9-3 aggregate score in the event Grand Final to lift his first major trophy.

Within a matter of days, DhTekKz went from being a mostly-anonymous, low-ranked player that squeaked into the first FUT Champions Cup event of the season to one of the biggest names in competitive gaming. His Twitter account grew exponentially, ending the weekend with over 50,000 followers. 

Seconds after his victory, DhTekKz showed a maturity and humility beyond his years when talking about his history-making weekend. “I don’t know what to say. I came into the tournament to do well. I got hard matchups, came through it, and believed I could win.” Even going down 3-2 at the end of the first game of the Grand Final, DhTekKz said his confidence didn’t waver. “I had a couple big leads in the earlier rounds. When he got it back to 3-2, I knew this had happened before, and I had gone on and won. I was worried, but I believed in myself to come out on top.”

If his calm, yet confident approach to FIFA showed the young man’s mature side, DhTekKz’s emotional words after the tournament reminded us that he’s just 16. His advice for aspiring professional FIFA players was unexpected: “Tell your mum about FIFA, she’ll be your inspiration. [Mine has] helped me a lot along the way.” When asked about what he would do with the prize money, DhTekKz‘s answer was one only someone with their entire adult life ahead of them could give: “I’m more worried about the trophy,” he said. “I don’t know where to put it.”


-Spenser Davis

FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See for details. 

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Premature Evaluation: Stationeers on gamesread

Premature Evaluation: Stationeers on gamesread

Premature Evaluation is the weekly column in which we explore the wilds of early access. This week, Fraser’s pottering around in RocketwWerkz’ space station sim, Stationeers, and learning that, just perhaps, it’s better to stay on Earth.

Why is a giant egg on top of my microwave? I’m trying to play through Stationeers’ dire tutorial, but I actually feel like I’m participating in one of Gordon Ramsay’s literal kitchen nightmares. In the egg carton, it was very much a normal-sized, innocuous egg, but somewhere between picking it up and mistakenly putting it on and not in the microwave, it grew at least 20 times larger. And I’m not sure I really should be putting eggs in microwaves. Certainly not to make muffins.

I somehow muddle through, making a muffin that I don’t need and fixing a cable that does nothing. Well done me – I’ve completed the tutorial. Lamentably, I’ve retained very little of the excessively complicated instructions required to perform the simplest of tasks. With unearned confidence, I dive into the game-proper, my head full of dreams of lunar bases and SCIENCE. It is dark, I’m alone and I have no idea what I need to do.

Premature Evaluation: Stationeers on gamesread

Since the tutorial barely even covers the most basic parts of constructing a functioning base right now, I have absolutely no idea where to begin. I guess my base will need a floor, so I root around in the crates and pick up some metal sheets. I can’t do anything with them. Next to them are some metal frames, and this time I’m actually able to place them. Progress! But what’s a floor without some cool stuff to put on it? Unfortunately, I’m getting ahead of myself and the floor, it turns out, still isn’t finished.

A 30 minute break and a browse of the wiki fills in the gaps. To finish the floor I need to use the sheets I discarded before, applying them to the frame while I’m holding the welding tool in my free hand. After multiple trips between the site of my base-to-be and the containers, and a bit of inventory faffing, I finally have the start of my first building. It feels more of an achievement doing it in the dark, guided only by my useless headlamp. Annoyingly, while I’ve been wandering around blindly my power has been dwindling and I can’t charge my battery on an empty floor. I’ve got to set up a charging station, which means I need a power controller and a solar panel too. At least the sun is starting to come up now.

Premature Evaluation: Stationeers on gamesread

By the time I finish, it’s dark again and my solar panel is useless. I can’t do anything until the next day. I stare at the stars until that gets boring, then I bring up my inventory. Alarms go off and my computer warns me that everything is bad and I’m going to die. It’s almost like I’ve opened up my suit. Because I have. To see my inventory, I automatically hit ‘I’, which doesn’t open the inventory but rather dangerously opens my helmet. By the time I realise my fatal mistake, I’m about to walk into the light. Thankfully, that light is the sun, and with my helmet sorted I can go back to my previous task of getting some power. Soon I’ll be running on fumes, so I’m in a bit of a hurry.

This isn’t something you could tell by the pace of my work, which could only be described as sloth-like. Stationeers wants you to know that it’s a very hardcore game. Unfortunately, hardcore is so often conflated with lack of user-friendliness and intuitive systems and that’s the case here. It’s not just that every task has twice has as many steps as a reasonable person would come up with, though that does grate, it’s that actually performing tasks is typically dull. Indeed, most of them involve standing around while you wait for the right time of day or watch a furnace working away.

Premature Evaluation: Stationeers on gamesread

RocketWerkz seem to be perfectly capable of ditching realism when it gets in the way, but at other times it’s like Stationeers is built on a love of drudgery. With my solar panel standing, I now have power, opening up a whole world of possibilities. Unfortunately, my minor goals require a bit more work. See, the panels need to be directly facing the sun, and as you’re probably well aware: the sun moves a lot. Like, all the time. There are undoubtedly many solutions to this problem, but Stationeers settles on the one that makes players use a wrench to manually raise or lower the panel, to catch the light. When night fell again, this time I was actually pleased, as it meant that solar panel duty was over.

It’s peculiar, playing a game from one of the progenitors of the modern sandbox and realising that it’s already incredibly dated. DayZ is, in video game terms at least, a household name associated with all kinds of thrilling, hilarious and horrific stories (and a whole lot of waiting and walking in between those moment, it must be said). Its successor has somehow managed to make the creation of a simple muffin a pain in the arse.

As a friend watched me follow the instructions of the wiki, amazed at how much dreary busy work was involved in creating the simplest of manufacturing chains, I struggled to justify the the time and effort involved in slapping together a space station. Fundamentally, Stationeers has yet to construct a slice of space, let alone a galaxy, that actually makes it feel like you’re having an impact on the universe.

Premature Evaluation: Stationeers on gamesread

There’s nothing holding it together at the moment. It’s more like Space Engineers than DayZ, but unlike the long-running early access creative sandbox, it keeps its best bits at arm’s length. I vividly recall my first experience with Space Engineers. Within an hour I’d constructed a war-ready spacecraft that I pitted against an equally intimidating war machine of a pal’s design. We flung our babies at each other, and watched as they both bounced off each other and rapidly drifted off into deep space, much faster than we could travel. It was a hilarious comedy of errors that made Robot Wars look well-produced. In an hour of Stationeers, I figured out how not to suffocate.

The comparison isn’t unfair. Both are early access games with similar goals. But Stationeers expects you to put dozens of hours and countless wiki breaks into it before it becomes remotely cohesive. It’s hard, boring work. By the time I’d constructed a 3D printer and a proper furnace, the things needed to create the more advanced items, I’d lost all motivation to construct ships and bases. I saunter off into the darkness, thinking that maybe spending some time mindlessly mining would make me happy to get back to my construction projects. A few minutes later and I’d fallen down a hole and broken my suit, the two most exciting things to happen to me all day. My jetpack could get me out… but do I even want to escape?

Premature Evaluation: Stationeers on gamesread

Stationeers is, at the moment, a series of loosely connected systems, but without the creative, anything-goes philosophy or many of its sandboxy peers. I never thought anything could stop me from building a spaceship or an intergalactic Little Chef, but a browse of the steps and work involved has made me realise I’d be willing to do anything else. Even spending the rest of my life in this big ol’ moon hole.

Stationeers is out now on Steam for £18.99/$24.99/€22.99.

Getting Started with FIFA 18 Ultimate Team on gamesread

Posted November 20th at 6:00pm.

FIFA Ultimate Team™ is the most popular mode in the game, in which you build your dream squad from scratch using collectible player items. With thousands of players available in Ultimate Team, there are a seemingly endless number of ways in which you can craft your squad to your liking. Not only can you customize the team you put on the field, you also choose the kits, badges, stadiums, coaches, and more to make your FUT squad unique to you. This is how to take the beginning steps of your FUT career, from getting your first players to choosing your squad’s kit and badge.

The very first time you play Ultimate Team, you’ll be given a starter pack containing a majority of players from your chosen country.

Next, you get to pick one out of a selection of five top players as a loan item. Even though you only get this player on loan, which means you can only select it for a specific number of matches, having such a high quality player will be a huge boost to your first FUT squad.

All player items are separated into three main categories: bronze, silver, and gold. Every item has a handful of features that are relevant to how they fit in your squad and play on the pitch. Many of these numbers and symbols have to do with squad chemistry, which we’ll elaborate on in a separate post.

One side of each player item also lists that player’s attribute categories: Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defense, Physical. For goalkeepers, the attribute categories are a bit different: Diving, Handling, Kicking, Reflexes, Speed, Positioning. You can go to the player’s bio to see each category broken down to the specific attributes from which they are comprised.

Next, you’ll get to choose your squad’s home kit, away kit, and crest based on a random selection of each. Don’t worry, you can buy new kits and crests later, or get them from packs.This is just to get your team started.

After you’ve been given all of these items, your very first FUT squad should look something like this:

Before you head straight into playing matches, there are also a handful of “Starter Objectives” that will help you learn some FUT basics — and reward you for finishing them. Objectives can range from simple tasks like naming your FUT club or changing formations, to more involved activities like buying players from the transfer market or playing in matches. The rewards for these objectives will either be Coins or packs with FUT items that you can sell or use to upgrade your squad. It’s important to complete these challenges first, because the rewards you get will improve your squad much faster than you could otherwise.

Once you have a starting XI that you’re pleased with, it’s time to take to the pitch. There are a number of online and single player modes available in FUT, including the all-new Squad Battles* mode that helps you get valuable FUT experience while earning significant rewards to  upgrade your squad.

* These features are only available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC.

FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See for details. 

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gamesread | EA SPORTS™ Premier League Player of the Month – September – Harry Kane

Posted October 13th at 11:00am.

After an impressive September, that saw the England international score six goals as Tottenham went unbeaten, EA SPORTS spoke to striker Harry Kane as he was named EA SPORTS Player of the Month. He gave us his thoughts on his aims for the season ahead, how he feels to have emulated Steven Gerrard and who his doubles partner is at EA SPORTS FIFA 18. 


EA SPORTS™: Harry, congratulations. How does it feel to be holding that award again?

Harry Kane: It feels good. It’s a great honour every time to win this award. It’s great, hopefully I can continue it and get a few more for the rest of the season.


EA SPORTS™: Harry you are in great company in terms of the number of players who have won it five times or more. How does it feel to be in the presence of people like Steven Gerrard and Robin van Persie.

HK: It makes me feel proud. It’s not something I think about too much but whenever I do win this award, it’s a great honour and I can only thank my teammates, the manager and the staff that help me achieve it. I’m just putting the balls in the back of the net, but they are the ones that are helping me do it.


EA SPORTS™: Would you say this has been the best month of your career?

HK: I would say so when you look at the goals I’ve scored and the amount of games. I feel really confident, I feel good. I feel in good shape so I just can’t wait for the next games to come. That’s what I’m trying to do, just stay fit and healthy, and hopefully I’ll continue to score.


EA SPORTS™: Is there any reason in particular why it has been so successful?

HK: I’m not sure, I think we’ve been playing great as a team first and foremost. We’ve been creating a lot of chances and I’ve been the one on the end of them putting them in the net. The team has been playing great, so as long as we keep doing that, hopefully we’ll keep winning games going forward.


EA SPORTS™: What have been your PL highlights over September?

HK: I think the whole month itself. I wouldn’t be able to pick out any in particular. Obviously I scored my 100th Spurs goal at the start of the month and just continued from there. Hopefully I can just continue the form and help the team out as much as possible!


EA SPORTS™: You have been particularly lethal on the road, is there any reason for that?

HK: I don’t think so, I just think it’s one of those things as a striker. Sometimes you go through spells where you score a lot at home, or you score a lot away, and at the minute I’m scoring more away but hopefully I can get some home goals. It doesn’t matter where I play, I feel confident that I’ll score and the most important thing is that we try and win the games.


EA SPORTS™: The golden boot is another trophy that has been on your no-doubt very heavy mantelpiece; there is a lot of competition in that department this season isn’t there?

HK: Yeah it’s great we’ve got some great strikers up there battling it out for the golden boot. There is still obviously an awful long way to go and a lot can happen but that’s the Premier League. The Premier League has always had great strikers and to win that golden boot you have got to play well. It’s looking tight at the moment, and probably will do for the reason of the season. It’s not something I really think about until way towards the end of the season, but of course it would be great to win it again.


EA SPORTS™: Spurs fans will hope that this year can be the difference. You have been so close over the last couple of seasons, and your goals have been a huge part of that. Where do you think your goals and this team can go this season?

HK: Hopefully we can go all the way. We finished second last year and we always want to improve and progress and so to do that we have to finish first. Like I said, there is a long way to go and a lot of games to play but we feel confident, we’re in good form at the minute. Hopefully we can start winning our games at Wembley and then kick on and win from there.


EA SPORTS™: Who is the best EA SPORTS FIFA 18 player at Tottenham?

HK: I’d probably have to say Sonny (Son). He likes to play FIFA! We have a little rec room here where some of the lads play it and he always seems to be the one that’s winning so I’d have to say him.


EA SPORTS™: Who is your FIFA doubles partner?

HK: I’d probably say Dele Alli. I don’t get to play it a lot but we have quite a good partnership on the pitch, so I’m sure we’d have one on FIFA as well!


EA SPORTS™: Do you get to play FIFA 18 a lot when you are travelling to away games?

HK: I don’t play it too much but sometimes a few of the lads will bring their PlayStation and play it. With my baby daughter now I don’t get to play it as much as I would like, but whenever I do I enjoy it.




FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See for details. 

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gamesread – Dawn of the Lost Continent: In-game Events

Participate in the events that are coming in Dawn of the Lost Continent on December 6.

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re celebrating with winter festivities!

Frozen Vipercap Cavern

Duration: December 6 – January 17

Once a day, players level 16 and above will be able to access the Frozen Vipercap Cavern dungeon through the portal in Jadestone Village or the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby; once inside it’s a race against time to reach the Giant Golden Vipercap within. When the Giant Golden Vipercap is defeated, players will collect Frozen Mushrooms based on how quickly they managed to complete the dungeon, which they can then trade for rewards of their choice in the Dragon Express.

Gather Frozen Mushrooms

There are multiple ways to earn the Frozen Mushrooms required to trade for rewards:

  • Complete the Daily Quest: “Strike Gold” – Earn 3 Frozen Mushrooms
  • Complete the Daily Dungeon: “Frozen Vipercap Cavern” – The faster you are, the more Frozen Mushrooms you’ll receive!
  • Complete the Daily Challenge – Earn 3 Frozen Mushrooms
  • Visit the Hongmoon Store – Earn 1 Frozen Mushroom free per day
  • Complete Act 8, Chapter 20 – Earn 60 Frozen Mushrooms
  • Complete Dynamic Raid Quests
    • Dawn of Khanda Vihar: “The Memory of Meganura” – Earn 1 Hot Mushroom Stew (5 Frozen Mushrooms)
    • Fallen Aransu School: “Aransu Has Fallen” – Earn 2 Hot Mushroom Stews (10 Frozen Mushrooms)
    • Snowjade Fortress: “The Eternal Champion” – Earn 2 Hot Mushroom Stews (10 Frozen Mushrooms)
      • Hot Mushroom Stew can be opened for additional rewards. More details found in the rewards section below.


Check out the Dragon Express to trade in your Frozen Mushrooms for these rewards!


Upgrade Materials

Time-Limited Items

Hexagonal Gems


Sacred Oil

Fleeting Frenzied Soul


Reindeer Headband

Xanos Disc

Fleeting Serene Soul


Glowing Reindeer Headband

Pet Pod



Hat of Tidings

Forging Orb



North Star Earmuffs




Red Nose




Glowing Red Nose




Hot Mushroom Stew

A few of the notable rewards that have a chance to appear from the Hot Mushroom Stew are Pet Pods, Premium Transformation Stones, Raven King’s Soul, and Special Hongmoon XP Charms.

North Star Earmuffs Hat of Tidings Reindeer Headband & Red Nose Glowing Reindeer Headband & Glowing Red Nose


The Lost Jackpot

Duration: December 6 – January 17

Head over to the Hongmoon Store and pick up a Lost Jackpot for free! The Lost Jackpot can be opened once every 10 hours to receive both guaranteed and random rewards, as well as the next stage of the Lost Jackpot to open 10 hours later. Get to Lost Jackpot – Stage 10 and you’ll receive the cozy Overboard costume.

Some of the potential rewards from the various stages include:

Sacred Oil

Pet Pod

Hongmoon Gem Powder

Legendary Jewel

Special Hongmoon XP Charm

Solar Energy

Transformation Stone

Legendary Element





Don’t forget to log in every day to challenge the Frozen Vipercap Cavern and get your Lost Jackpot to Stage 10 before the events end on January 17!

gamesread | Super Mario Odyssey Jump-Rope Glitch Discovered


Turns out Talkatoos are even more helpful than we thought.

A glitch has been discovered that allows players to get absurdly high scores in Super Mario Odyssey’s jump-rope challenge.

Kotaku reports that a newly discovered glitch has the leaderboard filled with scores all the way up to 99,999. This method has been dubbed the “Talkatoo glitch” as it uses the helpful bird close to the jump-rope challenge to cause the camera to freeze and suspend animations.

To get the glitch to work, players throw Cappy at the bird and talk to him just before Cappy reaches his mark, which eventually leads to Mario frozen in place as the rope moves cleanly around him.

gamesread | Super Mario Odyssey Jump-Rope Glitch Discovered

Played as intended, the jump-rope mini game consists of a challenge which sees how many times the players can successfully jump over the rope, with the Jump Rope Hero Power Moon available at 30 jumps in a row and Jump Rope Genius awarded at 100 jumps. You can check out your score (as well as the scores of your friends and players worldwide) on a nearby leaderboard.

Super Mario Odyssey recently made it into our top 25 Nintendo Switch games. For more help with power moons, check out our wiki for every Mario Odyssey Power Moon location.

Hope Corrigan is an Australian freelance writer for IGN. You can follow her on Facebook,Twitter, and Twitch.

Shooty Fruity Coming to PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on December 19, 2017 –

nDreams, the UK’s leading purveyor of VR produce, is delighted to announce that Shooty Fruity is releasing for PlayStation®VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this December 19, 2017, priced at €19.99/$19.99/£15.99.  Getting the game early will give players access to exclusive content.

Shooty Fruity Coming to PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on December 19, 2017 -

Shooty Fruity challenges players to scan, pack, serve and more whilst firing stacks of guns at tons of mutant fruit across their glowing supermarket ‘Career’.  Featuring brand new multi-tasking gameplay designed from the ground up for VR headset and motion controls, players shoot pineapples, pomegranates and more whilst doing jobs across numerous shifts, including the newly revealed Canteen job role.   What’s more, new weapons can be purchased in the staff room, the game’s central hub where players can also customise and test their load out, including C4 launchers, flak cannon-style shotguns and more, all whilst grabbing a cup of coffee!

You can check out the game, along with newly revealed content hot from the nDreams canteen in this all new trailer:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception so far of Shooty Fruity, most notably being chosen by gamers at EGX 2017 as one of the Top 10 of the Show” said Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO/Store Manager at nDreams, “If you thought Job Simulator was a blast, wait to you get a load of Shooty Fruity and its arsenal of berry-bursting weapons. Work has never been this much fun!”
Anyone that pre-orders the game, or buys it over the holiday season, will get free exclusive content, including the ‘Explody Bear’ grenade and the ‘Golden Guns’ skin pack for your arsenal.  You can already pre-order the game through the following links:

  • PlayStation EU:!/cid=EP4114-CUSA09500_00-B000000000008043
  • Steam:
Shooty Fruity Coming to PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on December 19, 2017 -


gamesread – KOG Games Releases Elsword Insider Volume 2

The new video shows off all the benefits of the latest update for the game. Details below:

Secret Dungeon

  • Lowered Difficulty on Lv.70 ~ 89 Secret Dungeon(s) – This revamp was done so that players who are new to Secret Dungeons will have less trouble clearing them without dying multiple times; originally quite the daunting task.
  • Luto Mode is now available for Lv.90 and Up Secret Dungeons – This was done to bring players together that may be more closely geared/leveled so that the individual players should carry their own weight. In short, there should be fewer mistakes and needless wipes from under-geared players, and less trolling towards them in what used to be accidental entry to Lv.70 ~ 89 Luto Mode dungeons.
    •   – Lv. 70 ~ 89 players will be queued together unless a Lv.90+ character parties with lv.70 ~ 89 players.
    •   – All Lv.90 + characters will be queued together.
  • Instead of needing to go to a specific Village Blacksmith for Village specific Secret Dungeon Exchange or Upgrading needs, players will be able to Exchange/Upgrade all Secret Dungeon gear with any Blacksmith in any town.
  • Lowered the Upgrade costs required for Normal Secret Dungeon Gear (Grendized-Rank) so there will be less need to grind out Daily Quests when upgrading.

Heroic Dungeon

  • Heroic Dungeons are now easier and have only 1 difficulty level.
    •   – Players that have geared themselves out with upgraded Secret Dungeon Gear will have an easier time running Heroic Dungeons.
  • New (1) Difficulty Heroic Dungeons will yield Hell Difficulty Heroic Mode loot!
    •   – Because the loot from the Hell Difficulty Heroic Dungeons has been transferred to the new, lowered difficulty structure, players will receive more significant, relevant gear. Previously, players were at a risk of getting gear that was worse than what they'd have received from Secret Dungeons

Add's Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon

  • Daily Quests added for Add's Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon negate RNG so that players are guaranteed to receive the same amount of Energy Shards
  • For those that are extremely lucky (or unlucky) and get duplicate drops of the same Void-Type Weapons, they can now dismantle them and can get more Energy Shards

Elrianode Dungeon

  • For some players, just experiencing the end game story could be difficult. Some weren't geared enough but wanted to just complete/experience the story of Elsword. With the new Story Mode difficulty, they can now experience the Debrian Laboratory & El Tower Defense Dungeons at a significantly lower difficulty.
    •   – The difficulty is lowered and penalties like Resurrection Limits were removed from the El Tower Defense Dungeon in Story Mode to make it easier to complete.
  • Players no longer need to complete the previous region's Epic Quest lines in order to start the Elrianode region Epic Quest lines.
    •   – This makes it easier for those that are only after the Elrianode Equipment from the Elrianode Epic Quest lines.

Lanox, Atlas, and Elysion

  • The Lanox Epic Quest Line – Players no longer need to complete these to begin the Atlas Epic Quest line
  • Atlas Epic Quest Line – Players no longer need to complete these to begin the Elysion Epic Quest Line
    •   – This change allows players to pick up the respective quests wherever they please; just in case they out-leveled the Lanox or the Atlas Regions from grinding Secret Dungeons
  • All Elysion Dungeons will have their difficulty removed
    •   – You won't have to worry about mistakenly running the wrong difficulty dungeon for your Epic Quest Lines

Camilla's Skill Manual Quests

  • Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Skill Manual Quests have been revamped
    •   – Expanded the Regions whereas players can acquire the required items to complete the Skill Manual quests
    •   – This revamp allows players to progress through the story while completing the Skill Manual Quests instead of being stuck in a specific region that they may have out-leveled (due to bad RNG/Not getting the drops they need)

Fever System

  • The Fever System has been revamped to become more useful/relevant
    •   – Players will no longer be forced to enter the 1 Bead "Awaken" status, sacking their desire to have the benefits of the preferred 3 Bead "Awaken" Status.

MMO News From Playstation’s Paris Games Week –

The world is ablaze with hype after Sony’s latest conference at Paris Games Week 2017. The higher ups at Playstation succeeded in making our mouths water with anticipation. We go behind the scenes to bring you coverage for this exclusive event. The two and a half hour presentation showed off gorgeous single player games, VR games, and yes….lots of MMO news as well! Be sure to look out for our in-depth coverage of a VR MMO League Of War!


MMO News From Playstation’s Paris Games Week -


The Monster Hunter Series finally puts on some big boy/girl pants with it’s latest upcoming iteration, Monster Hunter: World (slated for release on January 26th, 2018). After seven years of being a Nintendo-exclusive (at least, in the United States) IPO, the series will at last come to the PS4, XBONE, and PC platforms. If you’ve ever played Monster Hunter, you’ll know it’s an acquired taste. You take your time tracking down huge creatures in the wild, then engage in long battles as you slowly wear down your target. It’s a franchise that has been known to give players tons of cool gear and options, but oftentimes at the expense of losing players with this complexity. It’s a formula that has been a huge success in Japan, but has only attained niche popularity in the United States. As someone that has tried it, I will say that it is dense. This might be the high fructose corn syrup talking but let’s face it; there are some days you just can’t read another paragraph explaining a game mechanic. Be warned, though. Mashing through a Monster Hunter tutorial will cost you dearly.

Monster Hunter: World has a special open beta event for Playstation Plus members from December 9th-12th (be sure to check back here for coverage). It’ll give the developers over at Capcom a chance to tighten the netcode and make any balance tweaks that may be necessary. Another big announcement was the exclusive content Playstation 4 players will be getting with their copy. PS+ members will be able to hunt down giant beasts as someone very experienced in that field, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. To me, it’s more of a symbolically cool DLC than it is a “wow I want to play that” DLC. But to me, it’s one of the cool parts of gaming; a really fleshed out character making an out-of-nowhere appearance in a series that, in a lot of ways, is mainly for Japan. This cameo is bordering on “Spiderman in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2” territory; perhaps even “Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl”.


MMO News From Playstation’s Paris Games Week -
“No metal on the exterior, huh? Easiest…. Gig… Ever” ~ Aloy in Monster Hunter World


The conference also had an announcement for the first expansion of Destiny 2. If you’re like most people who devoted all of September 2017 to it, you beat the single player, played the multiplayer for a while, got some nice gear [maybe even a new ship], and then called it quits. I remember right after beating the main story and not playing for awhile, I got this email from Bungie saying “Please come back! There’s more to do!!!”. I had to reply and be all “Sorry Bungie. It’s time we said goodbye.” My rationale was that the only thing left for me to do in Destiny 2 is try to ascend to the highest ranks of the ladder, but that is just not my jam. But there’s a new DLC announced. The crowd hushes as the trailer starts.


MMO News From Playstation’s Paris Games Week -

This outfit just screams “you don’t even know, bro”

An massive army assembling on Mercury intent on “reshaping the universe in their image” (perhaps they should “chill out” to some Willie Nelson). The expansion is revolved around a legendary Guardian, Osiris; a once great ally that was outcast for his beliefs. He has gorgeous armor that I can only hope is attainable. The trailer shows him in some heavy action mowing down baddies very capably. It was a quality display filled with hype that left the room curious about the new ally and optimistic for a promising continuation of the story. Ultimately this all amounts to 10 or so co-op missions and a couple of maps. So at a price point of $34.99, you do get enough bang for your buck. The expansion is due to release on December 5th.


Conference By R2Deepu 11/1/17

N64-y platformer throwback A Hat In Time is now out on gamesread

N64-y platformer throwback A Hat In Time is now out on gamesread

Hats are brilliant. I primarily use them to disguise my massive fivehead, for instance, but hats can also bless their wearers with amazing powers. At least they can in A Hat in Time [official site], Gears for Breakfast’s crowdfunded N64-style collectathon platformer. Hats that blow stuff up, hats that let you gaze into other dimensions — is there anything they can’t do? A Hat in Time is out now.

In A Hat in Time, you’ll control Hat Kid, a wee spacefaring girl whose journey comes to an unplanned stop when her fuel gets scattered across a planet. Gathering up all of that fuel again will require some hat magic, of course, as well as a liberal dose of climbing, clambering and jumping around.

The quest for fuel will send Hat Kid through seven areas, each with their own neat hooks. On the Owl Express, for example, Hat Kid will need to interrogate her fellow passengers to solve a murder, much like a tiny Poirot in a top hat. In another area, she becomes a band marshall. And in another, she’ll need to sneak through a studio run by birds.

During the Kickstarter, Gear for Breakfast added a co-op stretch goal, which was surpassed, and in June last year announced that the game would launch with co-op. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. According to the developer, it will be added in a post-release update. It has launched with full modding support, however, which is a nice surprise.

Here’s what you’ll be able to mod:

-Full level editor
-Full script access
-Full Steam Workshop support
-Add a hat
-Add two hats
-Add a lot of hats
-Add new chapters
-Add new enemies
-Make a game inside a game
-Make a game inside a game, that is inside a game

So pretty much everything.

A Hat in Time was one of the first seven games in Humble’s publishing portfolio in February as it launched its plan to be more than just a shop. It’s available now from GOG, the Humble Store, and Steam for £22.99/€27.99/$29.99.