gamesread | Black Desert Mobile Reveals Combat Gameplay for 5 Characters

After gathering much attention with their character customization video, Black Desert Mobile  just released a video showing combat gameplay.

On the 14th, Pearl Abyss, the Black Desert Mobile developer, revealed the combat videos for each character on their teaser site.

The video includes actual combat gameplay scenes for the Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, and Valkyrie, which are five basic classes released when Black Desert Mobile launches. This makes it possible to guess the special characteristics of each class.

In addition, the unique exciting action and surreal battles from the “Black Desert” can now be experienced in the palm of your hand. The combat effects from using powerful skills really help users engage with the game.

“We are excited by the reactions we got from everyone when we released the customization video last week,” said Young-chul Ham, Pearl Abyss’ Strategic Planning Director. “We will try our best to quell your curiosity at the ‘Media Showcase’ next week when we reveal more content and future service plans to everyone.”

gamesread | Black Desert Mobile Reveals Combat Gameplay for 5 Characters

Black Desert Mobile will hold a media showcase on the 23rd and start pre-registrations in Korea. Instructions on how to pre-register and the trailers can be found on the Black Desert Mobile teaser site ( ).

Also, the official Facebook ( ) has a variety of events for users to participate in. They plan to hold more events and provide the latest news about the game to engage with the users.

Hearthstone Messing With Players Minds For Hallow’s on gamesread

It’s a good thing MMO’s have Halloween events in them. Because otherwise, we probably wouldn’t know it’s happening until it’s wayy too late to get candy and a costume.


I am still recovering from having my emotions toyed with by Hearthstone this week. Ben Brode and his team have launched an onslaught of troll-y antics in The Tavern. Upon logging in on Wednesday, I was awarded two free packs from the Whispers Of The Old Gods expansion, which I was surprisingly very happy about. When I went to open them, some Hearthstone demon character floated directly over my packs, preventing me from clicking them. He lingers there for a while as you slowly realize….. this is Halloween related. The packs disappear. “That motherf****k”, I mumbled to myself. Then, after a few rounds of my latest concoction – a hunter deck with ALL SPELLS except for two legendary minions, Barnes and Y’Shaarj – I realize my confiscated packs are now back for my opening pleasure. I cracked open a Black of C’Thun, which is a card I’ve never had and always wanted. It’s the one card that can jack up your C’thun to RIDICULOUS size. Thanks Blizzard!


Hearthstone Messing With Players Minds For Hallow’s on gamesread

Say hello to my gigantic friend


Now to make sure that wasn’t all just a fever dream, I went online to verify that this all is happening. Indeed it is. Next week, everyone gets a free Knights Of The Frozen Throne pack! There is also a new Hero skin that you unlock if you visit any tournaments! Too bad going to a tournament can be very lame. Sorry. I’ve honestly really tried it. All I’ll say is this. Please stop bringing your infant children to the Hearthstone meetup. When was the last time anyone in their 20’s seriously had real fun around a baby? The scientific name for infants should be Goodtime-us Ruin-us. In any case….

As I’m verifying the story, I see an announcement for a Hearthstone Cookbook. Wha? A Hearthstone cookbook? I can barely think of any food in Hearthstone. I mean… there’s funnel cakes. There’s beer, but not really….

So I dug around to see if this is really going to be a book…. and it….sort of seems to be the case. Apparently a year ago, Blizzard Entertainment commissioned a cookbook based on the world of World Of Warcraft. They hired Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, who had previously done the Game Of Thrones Companion Cookbook. Suffice it to say, her work looks stellar in the Warcraft Book. But there is something very odd about the sample photos from the alleged Hearthstone cookbook.

It’s so odd because each recipe they show seems fraudulent in different ways.

For instance, the first one I saw was for something called “Blood Of The Ancient One” (clearly an old gods reference). And it shows your standard recipe for a Bloody Mary, except for one modification. The usual one tablespoon of wasabi paste has been replaced with one teaspoon of wasabi paste. So the Hearthstone Bloody Mary is actually weaker than a Standard Bloody Mary? Is this more of an adjustment for how powerful wasabi pastes can be? Was that correction not even done by the author of this recipe? It begs so many questions.


Hearthstone Messing With Players Minds For Hallow’s on gamesread

Here’s a photo of the “finished product”. There’s no explanation for where the tentacles will come from, unfortunately. How great would it be to have a bloody mary grow calamari for you? Now that’s a dish!


Hearthstone Messing With Players Minds For Hallow’s on gamesread

The other oddity was a recipe for meat-stuffed pastries. I can’t imagine making something this nice for people that go to a Fireside Gathering. The very idea of that couple that brought their infant eating all my meat puffs is making my blood boil. The details here show how to make “Polymorph Puffs”. But here it seems they took a recipe for something else and simply crossed out the word “beef” and wrote in “sausage”.


Hearthstone Messing With Players Minds For Hallow’s on gamesread

You’d think the cash cow that is Hearthstone could shell out the extra dough for a book that doesn’t have text written over by hand. This is what leads me to believe that this is a joke. The only evidence that I found that indicates this book is indeed real, is a press release from, and an official book listing on Amazon here.

Happy Hallow’s End From Attack Gaming!

By R2Deepu

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gamesread | Hostage held captive for five years says guards 'murdered his baby'

gamesread | Hostage held captive for five years says guards 'murdered his baby'

Joshua Boyle speaks about his horrific ordeal at Toronto Airport (Picture: AP)

A freed Canadian hostage said his captors killed his baby daughter and raped his wife during the five years his family were held against their will in Afghanistan.

Joshua Boyle told reporters about his horrific ordeal after landing in Canada late on Friday with his wife, Caitlan Coleman, and three young children.

British tourist dies after falling 30ft from Indian temple 'while taking a selfie'

They were rescued on Wednesday, five years after they had been abducted by the Taliban-linked extremist Haqqani network while on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan.

Ms Coleman was pregnant at the time and had four children in captivity.

The birth of the fourth child was not known until the family arrived home.

Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle hold their their children in an undisclosed location (Picture: Getty)

‘The stupidity and evil of the Haqqani network’s kidnapping of a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife engaged in helping ordinary villagers in Taliban-controlled regions of Afghanistan was eclipsed only by the stupidity and evil of authorising the murder of my infant daughter,’ Mr Boyle said.

Mr Boyle said his wife was raped by a guard who was assisted by his superiors. He then asked for the Afghan government to bring them to justice.

Enormous 15ft great white shark filmed attacking fishing boat

‘God willing, this litany of stupidity will be the epitaph of the Haqqani network,’ he said.

He said he was helping villagers living deep inside Taliban-controlled Afghanistan where no aid worker or government official has managed to penetrate.

On the plane from London, Mr Boyle provided a written statement to The Associated Press saying his family has ‘unparalleled resilience and determination’.

Joshua Boyle speaks to the media (Picture: AP)
He says his family were held captive for five years (Picture: AP)

Ms Coleman, who is from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, sat in the aisle of the business-class cabin wearing a tan-coloured headscarf.

She nodded wordlessly when she confirmed her identity to a reporter on board the flight. In the two seats next to her were her two elder children.

European leaders condemn Donald Trump's threats to Iran

In the seat beyond that was Mr Boyle, with their youngest child in his lap. US State Department officials were on the plane with them.

The handwritten statement that Mr Boyle gave the AP expressed disagreement with US foreign policy.

‘God has given me and my family unparalleled resilience and determination, and to allow that to stagnate, to pursue personal pleasure or comfort while there is still deliberate and organised injustice in the world would be a betrayal of all I believe, and tantamount to sacrilege,’ he wrote.

Caitlan Coleman, 31, and Joshua Boyle, 34, were freed from Taliban captivity (Picture: AP)


Joshua Boyle stands next to his father Patrick Boyle at Toronto Airport (Picture: Reuters)

He nodded to one of the State Department officials and said: ‘Their interests are not my interests.’

He added that one of his children is in poor health and had to be force-fed by their Pakistani rescuers.

Iran ignores Donald Trump and says it will double efforts to build weapons

‘It will be of incredible importance to my family that we are able to build a secure sanctuary for our three surviving children to call a home,’ he said in his later statement at the airport.

‘To try to regain some portion of the childhood that they have lost.’

The Canadian government said in a statement that they will continue to support him and his family.

‘Today, we join the Boyle family in rejoicing over the long-awaited return to Canada of their loved ones,’ the Canadian government said.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry spokesman, Nafees Zakaria, said the Pakistani raid that led to the family’s rescue was based on a tip from US intelligence and shows that Pakistan will act against a ‘common enemy’ when Washington shares information.

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MORE: Kate Middleton’s uncle arrested after ‘punching wife and leaving her unconscious’

Quake Champions buffs (almost) everyone except Sorlag on gamesread

Quake Champions buffs (almost) everyone except Sorlag on gamesread

Thursday was patch-day for early access arena shooter Quake Champions [official site]. Tons of changes in this update, but there’s something for everyone as it’s raining buffs: BJ Blazkowicz gets a buff! Clutch gets a buff! Doom Guy gets a buff! And everyone’s favourite scary alien lizard-lady Sorlag gets… a nerf. Two, in fact.

Poor Sorlag. At least there’s a Double XP event running this weekend. That’s something, right?

Not only does Sorlag’s acid spit ability now do 30% less damage, but she has to wait a little longer before she can resume shooting after spitting. But it seems that the big lizzie is the only one to roll snake-eyes and get down-scaled, so no more crocodile tears. Here’s some of the notable tweaks this version:

While not technically everyone, a lot of characters have seen upgrades. Big angry robot Clutch is now 25hp beefier, and no longer suffers a penalty to his movement speed while using his Mining Drill power. Slash can now do her dashy Plasma Trail move in any direction, and BJ Blazkowicz has been working out in preparation for his new game, and can use his dual-wield power a little more often and fire shotguns, rockets, tri-bolts and railguns faster while doubling up.

On a universal note, the starting Nailgun, the Super Shotgun and the Tri-Bolt have all been buffed. The latter in particular seems far deadlier now, with direct hits now dealing both impact and immediate explosive damage. While not a balance tweak, rockets are now governed by better, fully deterministic netcode, so they should behave a little more predictably.

They’ve also client-sided a lot of audio effects, meaning that nobody else will hear that you’ve just picked up a lore scroll (which are now only awarded after match completion, to reduce farming), or be able to overhear the background hum of your fancy alternate weapon skin.

On the technical side, it’s the usual slew of small bugs squashed. The devs also reckon that they’ve got a few memory and netcode-related gremlins locked down now, which should help reduce the game’s footprint on both hardware and upstream bandwidth. Jump pads now also make a noise when you actually jump on them (fancy that), and the end of match podium screen has victory/defeat music, as appropriate.

It’s a big update and with a lot of interesting and positive changes, so long as you don’t main Sorlag. This update is topped off with a double XP weekend and a price drop on vanity items. The game is also cycling out a variety of cosmetic bundle packs from the store and replacing them with a few new ones.

Quake Champions is free-to-play direct from Bethesda or is available on Steam only as a £20/$30 ‘Get all characters unlocked for the lifetime of the game’ bundle.

gamesread | Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Prequel offiziell vorgestellt (Trailer)

gamesread | Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Prequel offiziell vorgestellt (Trailer)

Quelle: YouTube – Life is Strange – Rachel Amber

Bereits im Vorfeld der E3 gab es Gerüchte, dass das Entwicklerstudio Deck Nine Games an einem Prequel, also einem Teil vor der bisher bekannten Geschichte aus Life is Strange, arbeitet. Diese Gerüchte wurden durch geleaktes Bildmaterial auf Imgur bestätigt, allerdings blieb ein offizielles Statement seitens Deck Nine Games bzw. Square Enix aus. Heute Morgen war es dann soweit. Im Rahmen der Pressekonferenz von Microsoft auf der E3 2017 in Los Angeles wurde in einem knapp zweiminütigen Trailer das Prequel zu Life is Strange vorgestellt.

In insgesamt drei Episoden soll die Geschichte von Chloe Price erzählt werden. Die Handlungen in diesem Teil von Life is Strange finden also offensichtlich in der Zeit vor Max Caulfields Rückkehr nach Arcadia Bay statt. Unklar ist also, ob wir Max in irgendeiner Art und Weise zu Gesicht bekommen. Wir erfahren durch das Prequel allerdings mehr über Rachel Amber und ihr späteres Verschwinden, den Autounfall ihres Vaters und den Streit zwischen Chloe und Frank Bowers. Wir dürfen also gespannt sein, wohin uns die Reise in Life is Strange: Before the Storm zurück nach Arcadia Bay führen wird und welche Gefahren auf Chloe zukommen werden.

Die erste Episode erscheint am 31. August 2017 für PC, PS4 und Xbox One und soll 16,99€ kosten. Informationen über den Release-Zeitraum der beiden weiteren Episoden gibt es bisher nicht. Wir schätzen allerdings, dass dieser sechs bis acht Wochen betragen wird. Das Staffel-Finale könnte also Ende des Jahres stattfinden. Informationen zu Life is Strange 2 gab es auf der E3 bisher nicht, folgen wahrscheinlich im Herbst oder Winter diesen Jahres. Life is Strange 2 ist die Fortsetzung von Life is Strange.