Mario+Rabbids Creator: It’s About The ‘What The F***’ Element Of Surprise Between These Two Brands –

Mario+Rabbids Creator: It’s About The ‘What The F***’ Element Of Surprise Between These Two Brands -

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle drew a lot of ire from everyone when it was initially leaked, but some extremely strong E3 showings, coupled with the game’s creators’ earnestness, has since made everyone to come around on it, and it is now one of the most anticipated games of the year.

But it’s still such an odd game- a Mario and Rabbids crossover? What? Why? Why would you even do such a thing? How did the idea even come about? According to Xavier Manzanares, producer on the game, that very element of unusual surprise is what works so strongly in the game’s favor.

“It’s… a “what the f***” element between two brands and sets of characters, and it works. It fits, and reminiscent of what people know about Mario in terms of art, animation, accessibility etc as if it were from Nintendo. But then there’s the twist with the Rabbids, this is something different and players might want to see how far it’ll go. It’s an ongoing “what’s’ next” experience as you play, an interest in what can be surprising,” he said to Nintendo Life.

He is right, in a sense- a lot of the intrigue I have for the game is just to see how far they will go with blending these two very disparate universes together. Crossovers can be a powerful thing if done right – see also Super Smash Bros. – and it’s very clear that this game is being done right. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on August 29.

Black Desert Kamasilve Expansion Part 2 to Launch in Korea This Week on gamesread

Black Desert Kamasilve Expansion Part 2 to Launch in Korea This Week on gamesread

The Amazing Adventure continues in Black Desert (KR). The developer Pearl Abyss' strategy is to gradually add new content to the game across the summer. Today they announced the second part of the huge Kamasilve expansion called Light of Healing will be released on June 29 in South Korea.

With the second part of Kamasilve expansion the game will finally offer the complete region of the Elf world located in the south of Calpheon. The game world will be greatly expanded, and if you are wondering how large the new region will be, watch the 8-minute-long fly through trailer below.


Black Desert Kamasilve Expansion Part 2 to Launch in Korea This Week on gamesread

gamesread – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Releases on June 27th

gamesread - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Releases on June 27th

Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has finally been announced to release on June 27th as a standalone game. It will come to PS4 first and then head to Xbox One and PC later. It will retail for $39.99 in the United States.

Along with the campaign and all 16 multiplayer maps at launch, PS4 players will also have a chance to participate in the “Days of Summer” event. This event will last for five weeks and will include XP events, new playlists, in-game giveaways and so on with a new Summer map available throughout. More information will be revealed on Tuesday for the same.

It should be noted that the Variety Map Pack will not be included with the game. This must be purchased separately for $14.99 and will include four maps – Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek and Killhouse – along with 10 Rare Supply Drops.

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered finally getting a standalone release? Let us know below.

gamesread | Court Orders Notorious Cheat Maker To Pay Blizzard $8.5 Million

Last month, Blizzard demanded $8.5 million from cheat maker Bossland as part of an ongoing legal battle. Now, in absence of any defense from the Honor Buddy (WoW) and Watchover Tyrant (Overwatch) creator, the court has sided with Blizzard.

The court has granted Blizzard statutory copyright damages totaling out to $8,563,600. Bossland also owes Blizzard $174,872 in attorneys’ fees. Further, Bossland is prohibited from selling programs that exploit Blizzard’s games in the United States.

“Blizzard has established a showing of resulting damage or harm because Blizzard expends a substantial amount of money combating the use of the Bossland Hacks to ensure fair game play,” the court said (via TorrentFreak).


“Additionally, players of the Blizzard Games lodge complaints against cheating players, which has caused users to grow dissatisfied with the Blizzard Games and cease playing. Accordingly, the in-game cheating also harms Blizzard’s goodwill and reputation.”

Before the judgement was issued, Bossland CEO Zwetan Letschew told TorrentFreak that his company would continue in spite of any default judgement that might occur. Exactly how they plan to do that remains unclear, especially given the disappearing act they pulled while these proceedings were unfolding. For now, Blizzard has won a battle, but not the war. This judgement only applies to the United States, so Bossland isn’t out of options yet.

Beloved World Of Warcraft YouTuber Dies At Age 26 on gamesread

Hayven wasn’t like other World of Warcraft YouTubers. As he himself was quick to point out, his videos couldn’t teach people how to dole out DPS in raids or make rivals rage-weep in PVP. He was interested in the history of the 13-year-old MMO, and he did his best to chronicle it, even after he contracted a rare form of cancer.

Yesterday, the bad news hit in the form of a new video on Hayven’s channel after a month-long absence. Hayven passed on March 18, explained the video’s description. He was only 26.

The video was a brief musical piece, accompanied by a tribute. “He was an inspiration to many and someone who cared immensely about his fans and community,” it read (via PVP Live). “Hayven had fought epithelioid sarcoma, a rare and severe form of cancer that usually affects teenagers and young adults. You will always be missed Hayven, and although you lost to cancer, you have forever won our hearts.”

One of Hayven’s historical videos, in which he chronicles the evolution of Dalaran from Warcraft II all the way up to WoW’s Legion expansion.


Many of Hayven’s videos were well-researched probes into the hard-to-reach corners of WoW’s history, but he also took time to talk about his battle with cancer and keep his viewers abreast of the situation. Even as his video output understandably declined, his community stuck by him. In the wake of his death, they’ve started a petition to have him memorialized in World of Warcraft.

Right now, everybody’s mourning. On his most recent videos and a handful of older ones, people are posting tributes and memories:

Other WoW YouTubers have also posted tributes to Hayven. Here’s one from BellularGaming:

Here’s another from DinaPlays:

And here’s an especially heartfelt one from HeelvsBabyface, who’d been friends with Hayven for a few years:

“I loved him to pieces,” said HeelvsBabyface, through tears. “And he’d always tell me, ‘I love you too, mate.’”


Hayven’s YouTube channel will remain up, and all future money from it and his Patreon will go toward cancer research. People, however, are not simply the things they make. Hayven was clearly far more than his videos. He was a friend to those who knew him and a friendly presence to his fans. He added kindness to the world, and he will be missed.

Dungeon Fighter Sequel Project Knock Announced as a 3D Unreal Engine MORPG –

Nexon has announced the sequel to its side-scrolling multiplayer dungeon crawler Dungeon Fighter Online. Currently called Project Knock, the title completely changes the DFO IP by going to 3D and using Unreal Engine (presumably Unreal 4). What's more, the sequel will be developed by Peria Chronicles studio Thingsoft instead of Neople.
Dungeon Fighter Sequel Project Knock Announced as a 3D Unreal Engine MORPG -
While Project Knock becomes a 3D game, players will be able to explore dungeons in 3D environment. Nexon hasn't revealed much about the new game but says it will have beautiful graphics. In terms of the action and combat system, Nexon says the game pursues the fun of action and has detailed lore and story.  
All we have now is the leaked video captured in G-STAR 2016.


gamesread | Serath Joins The Paragon Battlefield

Epic Games today released an exciting new video offering insight to the upcoming addition to the already impressive roster of heroes in Paragon – the AAA MOBA experience available on console and PC. The new character comes in the form of Serath, a new melee carry that balances a split personality of dark and light to bring a terrifying level of destruction to the field of battle. Check out the video in-full below:

The team over at Epic Games listed January 10th as the official release date for the update that will include Serath. Paragon is available to download and play entirely for free on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Press Release

gamesread | Now You Can Farm WoW Gold For Overwatch Loot Boxes And Hearthstone Cards

Thanks to a change in the way Blizzard’s WoW tokens work, players can now farm World of Warcraft gold and apply it towards credit for Overwatch loot boxes, Heroes of the Storm character unlocks and Hearthstone cards.


WoW Tokens are items introduced to World of Warcraft to give players a way to buy subscription time for in-game gold while giving others a legitimate alternative to purchasing gold from third-party websites. The player in need of World of Warcraft currency can buy a WoW Token for $20 in cash, then sell it for a fixed amount of gold in the game’s auction house (current asking price on North American servers is 62,393 gold). Players buying these tokens at the auction house would then redeem them for 30 days of game time.

Starting today, players can trade those tokens for $15 of credit instead of game time (amounts may vary by region). Here’s a video explanation of how that works.

Depending on your World of Warcraft gold farming acumen, this could be a nice way to turn that lazy grinding time into extra in-game items or even full digital Blizzard games. Check out the WoW Token feature page for more info.

gamesread – The Invisible Bunnies That Power World of Warcraft

Yesterday, I posted about a Fallout 4 mod that uses a complex, intertwining network of, er, kitties to make radios work. Turns out, game development is full of stories like that. World of Warcraft, for instance, is overrun with ghost bunnies.


WoW encounter designer Nathaniel Chapman explained it to me via Twitter.

“A lot of stuff behind the scenes that you wouldn’t expect to be a spell in WoW runs using the spell system,” he said. “Spells need casters, so we often have to rely on spawning in an invisible creature to be the one to actually ‘cast’ the spell. Other things that creatures are good at doing would be hard to implement any other way, so we use an invisible creature instead.”


He offered the example of the laser turret in this raid:

Video courtesy of FatbossTV.

The ‘point’ of this laser turret is actually an invisible creature that is following a player with [a] laser visual and beam attached,” Chapman said. “It’s periodically casting fire zone spells.”



Different games use different invisible creatures. For WoW, it’s mostly bunnies. Chapman pointed me to a list of bunnies in the game, noting that every bunny on the list that’s not categorized as a “critter” is an invisible bunny oompa-loompaing around in the background of WoW’s endless chocolate factory. The list, I should add, is 1,000 damn entries long. These bunnies have some incredible names, too. For instance, there’s the Projections And Plans Kill Credit Bunny. I’m also partial to Pony Gun Bunny.

Why is WoW a front for a morally questionable bunny labor operation? The short version is, programmers’ time is limited, and NPCs’ time is not. “Programmer time is extremely valuable, and most of the ‘stuff’ that can be done in a game can be done by NPCs,” said Chapman. “NPCs already have to support things like pathing, casting spells, using weapons, doing various actions to other NPCs, etc. So, while you could in theory have a programmer separately implement every ‘effect’ you wanted in the game with some minor benefit, if you already have a class of thing in a game that can solve your problem, it’s a better use of time to use the existing system.”


“NPCs check off every box in the ‘what I want’ column, except ‘not visible to the player,’” he said. “So you make an invisible creature.”

He noted, however, that this is all case-by-case, and some individual effects and functions are better left to programmers. Principal server software engineer Kurtis McCathern added that there aren’t as many invisible bunnies in WoW as there used to be. The WoW team’s tools have become more refined over time, so they don’t have to duct-tape rabbits to lasers as much anymore. “Sometimes,” McCathern said, “you don’t know designers need a kitchen until they’ve made ramen in a flower vase with an iron.”

Other designers pointed out that games they’ve worked on or played were also built on the haunted remains of pet cemeteries:

So there you go. If you think you’re alone in your favorite game—quietly taking in the view, breathing the gentle spring air, and shouting your secrets as loudly as you can—you’re probably not. Beware the bunnies, for they see all.

gamesread | World of Warcraft Cooking Show Debuts In South Korea

[Image: 플레이팅TV]

And it’s even called Wow! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready. Of course it is.


As tipster Sang points out, the Blizzard-backed show will be hosted by Choi Hyun-seok, a famous chef in South Korea known for his TV appearances. Choi is also apparently a WoW fan.

WoW inspired dishes will be created, and guests will talk about their World of Warcraft experiences.

Inven and Game About report that the first episode will be aired tonight in South Korea.

[Image: Game About]

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