Ship of Heroes: Hands on Character Creation Alpha Review –

Ship of Heroes: Hands on Character Creation Alpha Review -

The Ship of Heroes team has delivered yet another milestone, and yours truly had the chance to be right in the middle of it. Their first round of the alpha testing of the Ship of Heroes Character Creation Tool has completed, and screenshots of actual player created characters have been revealed. Including some of one of my own! 

Ship of Heroes: Hands on Character Creation Alpha Review -

“We opened up the CCT to a diverse group of supporters, and let them create original characters, using the three finished character models that we have in the game,” said Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games.  “We’ve received over three hundred distinct suggestions, bug reports, and insights from this Alpha test – feedback we are happy to fold into our development schedule as we continue to push forward the efficient development of an outstanding, fun to play game.”

They released a preliminary beta testing report earlier today, and by all accounts, the testing went well. There were no reported technical issues, and I can personally confirm that I had no troubles with the creator at all. I was able to download, install and jump into it to start my first character within 10-15 minutes of receiving the link. It was tested on a wide array of devices and computer buillds, and across several different operating systems – all without a hitch. Which means, can I have a drum roll here, the devs are confident that they are on track for the scheduled beta launch at the end of 2018.

Ship of Heroes: Hands on Character Creation Alpha Review -

So how was it?

I was initially blown away when I opened it up and took a look at all the facial sliders. It has sliders for just about everything on the face, even things as interesting as setting the overall basic facial shapes like how heart-shaped, square or round the placement of the features. You can control the curve of the lips, the shape of the folds around the eyes, and fine tune multiple different areas of the nose. You add in a squint, a slanted smile, bulbous noses and ears, protuding brows or create a more elegant classic look. There are over 300 morphs that can be applied to each character, which allows for some impressive variation. I happily spent several hours just playing around with all of them, and of course, seeing a bunch of the powers that I'd never seen before didn't hurt either! My beloved Darkness!!

Ship of Heroes: Hands on Character Creation Alpha Review -

So let's crack open the hood and look inside. The first screen that pops up is the character archetype screen, followed by powers. I didn't expect to see a selection of powers! But the selection was really interesting, and of course, a large segment of time was taken up as I read through every powerset. 

Then you move into making the actual character's appearance. The face customization blew me away. I have seen a lot of comments about how the actual body needs more sliders, but aside from wanting to boost up my boob size, I was happy with what was there. Where I felt the creator is lacking are in the artistic additions. It is definitely shy on hairstyles and colors, eye colors, skin shades, and costume pieces. But at the same time, at this stage in the game's development, that's really to be expected. A rock solid foundation is what's needed at this point, the extra visuals can be added later – and the devs have already communicated their awareness of this and intention to add in more.

And to prove it, I will present some more shots of the first character I created.

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