gamesread – Persona 5 Dancing Announcement Imminent- Rumor

gamesread - Persona 5 Dancing Announcement Imminent- Rumor

It looks like alongside a Persona Q2, Atlus may also be getting ready to announce a brand new Persona dancing game, in the vein of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. You see, the domain, which Atlus had registered previously, has now been moved over to Atlus’ servers, indicating that it is going to see activity soon.

Persona 5 Dancing game, if that is what this indicates, would be fantastic- the game is even more stylish than Persona 4, and has an even better soundtrack than Persona 4, one that lends itself to a rhythm game better. It would be fantastic to see one based on it, then, obviously.

As of right now, it is unclear what system Persona 5 Dancing would release on. Persona 4 Dancing released on PS Vita, but that is obviously no longer an option- so PS4? PS3? 3DS? Switch? Whatever it is, we’re just a day away from finding out potentially, because Atlus is expected to make multiple new announcements on August 2, during the Persona 5 concert.

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