GamesRead : Psychological horror game Among the Sleep isn’t for babies, but you play as one

Sometimes a well-put-together movie trailer can creep me out, but that kind of reaction hardly ever happens with a video game trailer. PS4 title Among the Sleep’s new trailer certainly does, though. Not only is this a psychological horror game, it places you in the role of a two-year-old.

As developer Krillbite Studio states, this is not a game for babies, even if you are playing as one. Here’s the super creepy trailer to get you in the mood (or not) for the game, which is out on December 10.

Among the Sleep is by no means a new game having released for Windows, OS X, and Linux back in May last year. However, Krillbite has spent months completely overhauling the game in terms of visuals and audio. That means the latest version of the Unity engine has been used and the physics engine brought up-to-date. The PS4 version will also be the first to offer 60fps play.

Here’s some gameplay from the original PC version:

The original game scored 66 on Metacritic and received mixed reviews. Players said the atmosphere and presentation was great, but the game is just way too short. That’s clearly a side effect of a very small team relying on funding from the Norwegian Film Institute and a Kickstarter campaign to get it finished. Considering that, they’ve done pretty well I’d say.

There’s no mention of the gameplay being extended for this PS4 release, so it could be an equally short experience. It’s also meant to be coming to Xbox One, but I haven’t seen any new details on when we can expect it on Microsoft’s console. If the price is right, though, this could be a great, if short console experience.

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