GamesRead : Mulder knows what he’s doing in latest X-Files promos

Mulder and Scully plan on bringing a healthy dose of truth to the new year. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reunite to find the truth in a pair of brand new X-Files trailers that aired during last night’s episode of Gotham on Fox. The following video includes both pieces in one easy to digest clip.

Though just over a minute in total run time, the commercials give you a pretty good idea of what’s to come in the new season. Mulder’s been unsurprisingly keeping the flame of truth alive on his own and seems to get to a point where he can take a next step. Who better to call at that point than Scully? Other bits include Mulder returning to his old office, a flashback to an honest-to-goodness alien crash site, and a partial appearance from the The Smoking Man (or at least a cigarette).

Series creator Chris Carter wrote and directed the first and last episodes of the season — titled “My Struggle” and “My Struggle II” — and also worked out the overarching plot of the season. In earlier interviews he noted that the half dozen episodes will feature a mix of mythology building and the monster-of-the-week style of the series. Carter is joined by writers Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, and James Wong who all wrote and produced on X-Files or its spinoff Millennium.

X-Files returns to Fox in January for a six episode season though attendees at Cannes and New York Comic Con will be able to check out the season premiere in October.

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