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We all saw it, the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal livestream on Thursday. It was the thing that everybody was waiting for and now the hype train has finally kicked into full swing. Destiny 2 has a lot to live up to. Many promises have been made and some have proven to come true. Based off what we have seen, we can make some expectations, have some opinions and overall, judge how the game is going to play out. So let’s look at some things and make some assumptions about Destiny 2.

The New Destiny 2 possible front cover.

Let’s first talk about how the graphics look. Destiny 1 according to Bungie was using a heavily upgraded version of the graphics engine used to make Halo 3. While Destiny 1 looked great for an engine that old Destiny 2 looks fan freaking tastic. Built from the ground up using an entirely new engine and software, this game look absolutely gorgeous. The first mission alone from the livestream shows us what we’ll be seeing. Whether effects, pretty explosions, battleships, and new enemies that want to kill all of us but look super cool while doing it. However a lot of things can change from now to September. Things can certainly change. Many games have suffered the fate of not looking good at launch compared to when they initially revealed. Considering Bungie had about 3 Years to perfect everything, they better have gotten it right.

I loved the way the new graphics looked, it was so pretty to look at (not saying war is pretty but this game is) I mean come on! Destiny has been a pretty game to look at but this takes the cake, this is just amazing. Thank you new engine that Bungie has you just made the game look even prettier. Now will it stay that way when the game launches? Or will it be even better! Considering Bungie still has some work to do with the game I bet it will look even better than the livestream!

A look at the first mission in Destiny 2.

Let’s talk about gameplay. From what I can tell it plays exactly like Destiny 1 but more refined. Obviously there will be new weapons and armor as well as new exotics like the new Exotic Sub Machine Gun. More information is coming out even days after the stream. The thing I am quite excited about is the new powers we get! We got to see the new subclasses, Dawnblade for the Warlock, Sentinel for the Titan, Arcstrider for Hunters, and maybe that minigun we saw in the stream (I love me a minigun).

To be honest while the Arcstrider (I main a Hunter) looks really freaking cool, I get a lot of flashbacks to how pathetically weak the Bladedancer was in Destiny 1, at least in PvE. I mean it was meant to be a high damage slayer class thingy and it was soooo weak and I was so disappointed in it. Plus Bladedancers were everywhere in the Crucible so I have a bad feeling that we’re going to be experiencing something quite similar with this new Arcstrider class. However on the flip side I get to be Captain America as a Titan. Throwing that shield around, kinda reminds me of the Sunbreaker Subclass, but instead of a Hammer we get a Shield, and it’s purple not fire red. The Warlock’s new Dawnblade subclass is SO COOL!!! I get to be a flying valkyrie space wizard!! Okay it’s a weird combo but it works because of Destiny’s space magic absurdity. HOWEVER, I am worried on how they are going to balance the subclasses for both PvE and PvP. My guess is that they will make the same mistake they made in Destiny 1. As for weapons I can’t say the same considering there are entirely new weapons for the game. Including an exotic Sub-Machine Gun. So we’ll have to play that one by ear. But considering Bungie hasn’t mentioned anything about weapon balancing I am a bit worried but we’ll see. I JUST WANT MY MINIGUN ALREADY!!!


One of the biggest elements Destiny 2 is bringing that Destiny 1 messed up big time and I am most excited about is the STORY!!!! FINALLY A STORY!!! However we only know what was shared. That the City and Tower was destroyed, The Speaker disappears, The Red Legion captures The Traveler draining our powers and the Vanguard are scattered throughout the Solar System and we have to obtain our old powers back through new means and find new loot.

The story could take any kind of crazy twist or turn. Or completely fall flat on it’s face like the first one. Will we see what happened to the Queen and her Brother? Will we solve the riddle of the Vex? What about the mystery of The Stranger? Y’know, that one Exo Girl that appeared and helped us and then vanished just as quickly. What about her Bungie? I think those story elements of the Vex and the Stranger will be dropped in Destiny 2 in favor of this new story which takes place after The Taken King and The Rise of Iron. Who knows where it will take us. However I feel despite the epic story I feel it will either be extremely short or Bungie will once again drop the ball. But only time will tell with this one.

We lose everything.

One of the last things Bungie showed off were the new worlds that we get to go to. Earth’s European Dead Zone, IO, Titan, and Nessus. Nessus being a Vex Machine World, IO being the last place The Traveler’s light hit before The Collapse, and Titan being an old human utopia. Supposedly according to Bungie that is the biggest location to date. It’s a little disappointing since we were supposed to go to Saturn. And the other worlds are kind of moons. I mean what each world is supposed to be is cool but it is disappointing we don’t go to Saturn. But it is exciting we get to see Earth outside the Tower, Cosmodrome and Iron Temple. In fact our new social space in the European Dead Zone, a small town. Will we get to interact with the people of the town? Who knows, but these new worlds have new secrets and I am excited.

There are also parts of the world you supposedly cannot find on the map and have to physically find yourself. That is really cool because it gives you a sort of depth to the world Destiny 1 kind of lacked. I just have this sneaking suspicion that the worlds will be baren like the first game. And I hope that is not the case. But if it is it will seriously kill the excitement of exploring the world. I guess the one thing they got right was the fact that you don’t have to go into Orbit to go from Planet to Planet anymore….That’s cool….I guess….

The New Worlds.

One of the little changes that Destiny 2 makes is that clans are now supported WITHIN THE GAME AND NOT BUNGIE. NET. Thank God, not only does this help the game, this also helps the community get to know one another. You can view the clans achievements and see what the clans all about when you look them up it’s extremely helpful. While yes it’s something minor little things can go a long way and this is definitely something the first Destiny needed and I am so happy it’s in the game finally.

Something else that is pretty big is that Destiny allows matchmaking for Nightfalls and Raids, both of which are returning to Destiny. I am REALLY REALLY happy about this for one big reason. IT WOULD TAKE FOREVER TO FIND A PARTY FOR THE NIGHTFALL AND RAID! So thank you Bungie… listened. THANK YOUUUUU!!! It’s called Guided Games which allows clans and solo players to play with each other. This is so helpful and as a solo player (most of the time, I am in a clan but there only a few of us left) this helps IMMENSELY!!! Okay I’m done….. There is a few things I would like to address that was not mentioned in the stream that I mentioned before and some I didn’t.

The New Clan System.

There are a few things that concern me. Such as weapon balancing, ability balancing, and online connectivity, as well the RNG System for loot. If Destiny 1 had taught us anything, Bungie cannot properly do any of those things. Online connectivity being a big one as most of Destiny 1 was peer to peer connected which was God awful. Not only that but the RNG system was just……oh boy…..You’re making me relive bad memories. As for weapons balancing there were periods where Hand Cannons reigned supreme (I hate you Thorn. I will forever hate you) then it was pulse rifles and eventually after more than a year and half later Bungie found a happy balance. As for RNG, they still have yet to fix it and it’s still broken as well as the ability balancing (Warlock melees are still OP Bungie!!).

The biggest problem is the Grimoire Cards on Bungie.Net, what’s the problem? They exist on a different medium. It’s completely unnecessary as games such as Dark Souls have any special lore details within the game. Why can’t Destiny do something similar? It’s a problem that needs to be fixed with Destiny 2 and I hope Bungie fixes this. The big problem also is that there is already a season pass for 2 DLC’s just like Destiny 1…….This is a big problem and while this is more on the side of Activision this is an extremely bad sign of things to come and I hope this is fixed immediately.

Can we not have this on Bungie. Net and in the game instead?

These are all just some of the details that were revealed and my opinions on them as well as some issues that need to addressed in the next installment. I personnally believe that this is the saving that Bungie desperately needs if they wish to keep this IP alive and keep us. The fans happy. I believe that this will be a really great game and they wiil fix all, if not most of the mistakes they made in the first Destiny.

But what do you think? Is Destiny 2 going to flop and complete destroy Bungie’s reputation? Or is it going to be the saving grace that the Destiny Universe and Bungie need. Are you excited? What caught your eye? Leave your comments down below and I’ll be sure to respond. Thank you for reading me nerd out a little bit and complain a little on what needs to be changed.

Thank You For Reading!!!

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