gamesread – Dauntless Beginner Guide: A Pointy, Long and Sharp Thing. Do I Stick it?

gamesread - Dauntless Beginner Guide: A Pointy, Long and Sharp Thing. Do I Stick it?
Hey guys! Part 3 already! Who would have thought?

Anyway, let's position ourselves: We have arrived at Ramsgate, and they have explained to us where to craft. Then we went hunting and we learned how and what to gather.

But we still haven't learned something really basic. How to handle a sword?

The sword is actually the easiest weapon to master. It has good mobility but overall is way less punishable than the Gunhammer or the Axe. Even the Chainblades which have better mobility have a dodge with a delayed I-frame that makes them hard to learn sometimes.

But not the sword. With it most combos can be interrupted right after a hit, which turns it into the best weapon to learn the patterns of a new Behemoth. Personally, I prefer the keyboard and mouse to play, so I'll use them as a reference to explain the distinct combos and advance techniques the sword offers:

gamesread - Dauntless Beginner Guide: A Pointy, Long and Sharp Thing. Do I Stick it?

These are the basic movements, I also included the general movements and actions down here:
gamesread - Dauntless Beginner Guide: A Pointy, Long and Sharp Thing. Do I Stick it?
Now, you may think "You just posted the entire moveset, why bother working right?" You are wrong my friend: being knowledgeable doesn't mean you are wise.

(I'll also add a gif for each movement as soon as I'm able.) 

That's why I'd like to point out when and why you would use them:

Quad Cross. Your main safe damage. Is fast and easy to interrupt with a dodge after every combo step. It also replenishes your special bar, which is something I'll explain later.

Triple Elements. A nice combo which combines the first three hits of the previous one with two elemental attacks. Everytime you start a Quad Cross you'll be able to choose this one if the opening presents itself.

Repeating Elements. Two elemental hits plus an infinite amount of physical ones only limited by your stamina. They do not deal much damage, yet they do replenish your special meter real fast. Use with caution though, as you may not have any stamina left and be punished for it.

Rising Elements. Pure elemental three hit combo attack. Your highest damage combo yet not as safe as Quad Cross, since after every hit there is a little delay before you are able to roll away. Use with caution.
Special Meter. Five blocks of energy fill as you hit a Behemoth with a physical attack. Hence why Repeating Elements is so good to do so. Any block not completely filled will decay if not actively engaging combat.

Elemental Blast/Overdrive. Your special movement. Really good to flinch if a Behemoth's body part is about to break. Moreover, it has a trick: If you use it with one block only, it will release an elemental blast (which differs depending on the Behemoth hunted to create the weapon), however if you do so with five blocks, you'll also receive an attack speed bonus plus elemental damage on every hit. I should mention this movement can be used at the end of a combo in order to maximize damage, effectively erasing any delay between them.

Now, I did mention something about advance techniques right? with that I meant some movements not present in the image.Nor in any tutorial I've seen.

Unsheathe attack (Right click). It adds an extra hit to Quad Cross and Triple Elements. Great when having to pull out of the danger zone then going back. This way you don't spend any extra stamina running either.
Rolling attack (Right or left click). After any dodge, you can start any of the combos above with a common overhead descending vertical slash. Great to close gaps and not lose momentum.

Persisting Overdrive. This one is tricky and sometimes not easy to pull off, as the most efficient way to use does not always present itself. For starters, I don't know if its intended… but when in overdrive state, as your final block starts depleting, you can start any combo and conserve the attack speed bonus even when the bar is empty (Elemental attack visuals also persist, yet I don't know if the damage does too). Its especially useful with Repeating Elements, as if the right conditions are met, you could go back to three/four bars in one swoop.

And that's it for today's guide! I hope you found it useful!

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gamesread - Dauntless Beginner Guide: A Pointy, Long and Sharp Thing. Do I Stick it?

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