Albion Development Recap (February 7) on gamesread

Game Director Robin Henkys is back in a new Development Recap, this time giving you a first look at all of the new biome cities. Don’t miss out on this eye candy:

Cities are one of the key features of Albion Online, as they are both the social and trading hubs of the game with players being ever-present. In their current state, they all look very similar to one another. This will change with the upcoming Galahad update, as we will give ever city their own distinctive look and layout, reflecting their place in the world and economy of Albion.

Mountain City

Deep in the cold, harsh mountains lies a city, built by brave adventurers on a mountain slope. The houses are built on a steep with a view directly into the dangerously deep valley. This city is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Swamp City

The swamp city is built on ancient, half-sunken ruins. In order to get around, traders and travelers alike have to cross its many bridges. Be careful not to fall into the water!

Steppe City

Similar to the mountains, the steppes are not an easy place to survive. Luckily, the Royal Forces have set up a town in the middle of the dry steppes, giving traders a place to rest and stock up on water and resources.

Forest City

The forest city is built on what used to be a castle. During the dark ages of Albion, nature had started to take over… until the Royal Expeditionary Forces came along and transformed it into a thriving forest town!

Highlands City

The hill this city is founded on used to belong to the ancient Keepers of Albion, and they consider it one of their holy sites. This is why the city is built as a stronghold, as the Keepers occasionally launch attacks in order to take back what was once theirs.

Royal Center City

In the middle of the Royal Continent lies the center city, built on the remnants of a magnificent fortress. This fortress is the last remaining legacy of the old kings of Albion, and is surrounded by the Undead and various other vicious creatures. Nonetheless, the Royal Forces have managed to claim the site and turn it into a trading hub. They are not in full control, as the city is in the middle of the red zones, but have provided a multitude of tunnels and secret passages for traders and criminals alike to enter and leave the city.

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Albion Development Recap (February 21) on gamesread

The complete overhaul of the Outlands (black zone continent) one of the main reasons behind the upcoming wipe and a center piece of the Galahad update, but it has been a few months since we last talked about it. Join Robin Henkys as he tells you all you need to know about the new Outlands:

Back in October, we first revealed our plans to redesign the Outlands. These new Outlands combine the best aspects from both Closed Beta and Final Beta, as well as some new features.

The Outlands will be divided into three distinct regions: low, medium and high end.  While they all contain valuable resources, the density of high tier resources will be noticeably different in each region making the high end the most attractive to top tier guilds and alliances.

Each region will have dedicated, meaningful hot spots in its inner zones, encouraging constant PvP action. The outer zones will be quieter places for guilds to settle, with room for solo and group play. As we have moved the different time zones closer together and changed the travel distance to not hinder overall gameplay, neighboring guilds will certainly run into each other very often. Watch your back!

Since the black zone continent is all about guilds and guild territories there will only be two cities present. This small number will ensure they are always lively and function properly as a local trading hub. Aside from cities, there are also several harbors present with connections to the Royal Continent.

Lastly, the main advantage of the new Outlands design is that it is very adaptable to different population sizes. If the population is high, we can very easily add more regions to ensure everyone has a spot. In case the population is lower than expected, players will naturally migrate to the more valuable regions and there will still be constant PvP action. 

Click here to learn more about the Outlands redesign.

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gamesread – Galahad and Albion’s Release Dates Revealed

Galahad and the release of Albion Online are fast approaching! Find out all you need to know from the man himself, Game Director Robin Henkys:

That is right, Galahad is coming to Albion Online on March 13, 2017. Bringing an entire new world layout, complete rework of PvE and much more, this update is a force to be reckoned with. Want to know more? You can find a full overview of what Galahad brings on the Galahad update page. The detailed changelogs for this update will be released on March 13.

But wait… there is more! We are happy and proud to announce that Albion Online will officially launch this summer, on July 17, 2017. This means that after this date we will no longer wipe the servers and it is up to you to start writing Albion Online’s history. Are you ready to start your adventure with us? We know we are!

Upon launch Albion will be available on Windows, OSX and Linux. Full Android and iOS Support will be available after official release.

To help us test Galahad, we will open the test server "Mordred (Staging)" to our Legendary Founders shortly. More information on this can be found here.

In order to prepare for Galahad, the Albion live servers will go down on March 10 at 10:00 UTC and will come back on March 13. During the downtime, all data will be wiped. You will get back all your Founder items, Gold purchased through the website and referral rewards upon logging in after the wipe.

Legendary Founders will be able to explore Galahad on March 13, Epic Founders on March 14 and Veteran Founders on March 15.

Are you excited for Galahad? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below and on the forums!

gamesread | Behind the Scenes: The Albion Online Soundtrack

In November, we have added the official Albion Online soundtrack to the game with a total of 19 unique tracks. From triumphant horns in the city to ominous percussion in the Hell Gates, the music of Albion will never fail to set the right mood!

Want to find out more about the thoughts and work behind the Albion soundtrack? Join Game Director Robin Henkys and composer Jonne Valtonen, known for his work on Street Fighter 5 and Final Fantasy, as they travel to Prague and its wonderful Rudolfinum, where we recorded every single track with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Stay tuned for our next video, where we will delve deeper into the sound design of Albion Online!

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gamesread – Behind the Scenes: Albion Online’s Sound Design

After delving into the score of Albion Online in our previous “Behind the Scenes”-video, it is time to find out more about the overall sound design of the game.

What does sound design entail, you might wonder? It encompasses everything you hear in Albion that is not music. From the chirping crickets in the swamps, to the grunting of enemies as you take them down and much much more!

Creating the proper ambience and feel is done by our Sound Designer Florian Bodenschatz. Watch our new video and find out all about his working methods, the opportunities of our new sound engine and the specific challenges he faces when making sounds for Albion Online.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Albion’s sounds, make sure to let us know in the comments below or on our forums!

ArcheAge Responds To Community Concerns & Returns To Roots –

According to a scoop from MassivelyOP, taken from the Korean website for ArcheAge, the developers have been paying close attention to the communities feedback and requests and will be taking the game back to its roots with the next content update.

The next update, ArcheAge 3.1, promises to return ArcheAge to its fundamentals following updates that the community felt took the game down the wrong path. Without giving away too much information XLGames said that the patch will be designed to improve four specific areas of the game, balance, character growth, convenience and maritime trade.

“The update is [part] of the fourth anniversary of ArcheAge, [which includes] a large number of updates that add new content and balance patch at the same time. In addition to the new content presented above, we will also improve convenience and add more content.” XLGAMES

More information for update 3.1 is expected to arrive later in the month.

Source: MassivelyOP

gamesread | Guild Wars 2 Player Reaches Gold Cap

Guild Wars 2 was originally released back in 2012 so you may be surprised to hear that it has taken nearly 5 years for the community to discover the cap limit on the amount of Gold you can hold. Personally I struggled to maintain a regular Gold flow over 100 Gold but one particular player shared their experiences on Reddit as Numerix informed the Guild Wars 2 community of his achievement reaching the Gold Cap limit – an achievement that is not actually recognized in-game.

Today I reached 200,000g (two hundred thousand gold) and with it the maximum you can store in your wallet. You will see it at in some houres. But I’m not really happy about it, because my target is (was) the million. And the worst of all is the fact, that there is no hidden Archivement or Title if you reach the end of the wallet

Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Stormblood To Introduce Red Mage Job –

Tokyo recently played host to 2016s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival where Square Enix announced the second expansion for FFXIV, Stormblood, that will release in North America, Europe and Japan on June 20th. Players will have the opportunity to begin pre-ordering the Stormblood expansion on January 24th, with exclusive bonuses offered to early purchases.

There was a plethora of new features, mechanics and content discussed at the festival. The highly anticipated Red Mage job will be making its debut as a ranged magic damage class with access to chainspell skills and special melee attacks. Many areas of Eorzea will promise new avenues of exploration as Swimming and Diving features will allow players to explore the various rivers, lakes and seas.

Additionally, The Bend of Time, will be a new high-level raid that will provide challenging and rewarding content for players at end-game level.

Source: Press Release

Escape From Tarkov Alpha Launch –

Battlestate Games today announced the Alpha release of Escape from Tarkov, the upcoming hybrid of MMORPG-esque progression with FPS mechanics and open-world survival exploration. The new Extended Alpha testing phase is a more advanced stage as the previous testing phases with a number of new features being introduced to the game. Those that have purchased one of the many pre-order packages have the opportunity to get invited, although the more expensive options have a higher chance of receiving an invitation.

Some of the new features introduced with the Extended Alpha include:

  • A new raid location, the Woods – wide open spaces, dense forest vegetation, entirely new tactics and game experience
  • Weapon failure and repair system
  • Ability to create groups for going into raids together
  • Improved game physics
  • Additional performance optimization and fixes for existing issues

Source: Press Release

gamesread | Serath Joins The Paragon Battlefield

Epic Games today released an exciting new video offering insight to the upcoming addition to the already impressive roster of heroes in Paragon – the AAA MOBA experience available on console and PC. The new character comes in the form of Serath, a new melee carry that balances a split personality of dark and light to bring a terrifying level of destruction to the field of battle. Check out the video in-full below:

The team over at Epic Games listed January 10th as the official release date for the update that will include Serath. Paragon is available to download and play entirely for free on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Press Release