gamesread – Chronicles of Elyria Bolstering & Earn-to-Play Model Introduced

The dev team behind Chronicles of Elyria posted a lengthy blog, introducing some new in-game mechanics to make sure "players with different amounts of free time are still able to play together in an equitable and rewarding way."

First of all is the so called "Bolstering System", which is "what happens any time you're partied up with members of your in-game family. While bolstered, most of your character attributes (except Stamina) are elevated to a level that is equitable with those in your family with you." Do noted that it only works with in-game family members.

Secondly, a new in-game currency "story points" has been introduced, which will reward players for participating in the game and for anything that leads to advancement of skills or that rewards an achievement.

Another note about Story Points is that they are awarded in larger amount based on a character’s reputation or fame. Why? Because completing achievements and being productive in the world is more dangerous when one is a Count, Duke, King, or Legendary champion.

But why would these Story Points encourage people to be online? Because the currency can be spent in-between lifetimes in order to improve their lot in life during their next lifetime. Also… they can lead to free game-play.

Lastly we'll get to see a "earn-to-play" model in the game.

In Chronicles of Elyria, the Story Points you earn while playing can be traded in between lifetimes in order to buy Sparks of Life. This is what we call the “Earn-to-play” model of funding. Now, we’re not the first to do this. There’s been a couple other games that have done something similar. But, as far as we know we’re the first to use a currency that rewards people for participating in the story, and as far as we know we’re the first do this that doesn’t use a subscription model.

For the more detailed info, head over to the Chronicles of Elyria blog.

gamesread | Camelot Unchained Passes Another Stretch Goal with $4.04M in Crowdfunding

Camelot Unchained, the Realm v Realm sandbox MMORPG still in development, would be one of the most anticipated Kickstarter MMORPGs. After completing several stretch goals, developer CityState Games announced another goal with $4,025,000 to meet the Roleplay tier and now the goal has been achieved again with the grand total at $4,047,469 currently! The long awaited closed beta has been delayed for several times but maybe we can expect the beta news in the near future.

Here’s a fun Stretch Goal that can be completed during the game’s development phase. Now that our new animation system is in the game, we want to give all of our players (and especially our RP-focused players), some extra love. What we’d like to do is outsource a whole lot of fun RP-focused animations to add to the game. Thus, for those of you who would love to see things like d… dan… (Darn it, you folks know I hate this word, remember the Imperator tee-shirt?) dancing, racial idles, class-based taunts, and other fun and useful animations added to the game, this Stretch Goal is for you!

gamesread | Camelot Unchained Passes Another Stretch Goal with $4.04M in Crowdfunding
Not the RP-style animations fan? Good news is that their in-house animators can now focus on the more combat-oriented and difficult animations. Therefore, it's a win-win situation for all the backers.

Take a Very First Look at Chronicles of Elyria’s Actual Combat Footage on gamesread

Take a Very First Look at Chronicles of Elyria’s Actual Combat Footage on gamesread
Chronicles of Elyria has talked a lot about its ambitious ideas and features, but you may be wondering how exactly the game looks like. At PAX East early this month, Soulbound Studios offered a playable combat demo and now they showed you a combat footage.

You may be surprised that the combat is pretty like fencing instead of the traditional sword swing and hack in sandbox MMO. Still there are combos in the combat and there’s no target locking. You can pierce, you can slash, and you can dodge — everything is skill-based.
You must want to know more about the combat system and so does 2p will do an interview with the developer team of Chronicles of Elyria for more about the gameplay. Stay tuned.

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gamesread – Kingdom Under Fire II Elven Ranger Trailer Released

gamesread - Kingdom Under Fire II Elven Ranger Trailer Released
We still don't have news for the western version of Kingdom Under Fire II but the Chinese version published by Changyou is going to enter closed beta in China in late May. A new class Ranger has been revealed. She will be the 4th character and 2nd female one in Kingdom Under Fire II.

Ranger masters both melee and ranged combat and she's an elf. When fighting in closed combat Ranger wields dual blades and deals a lot of damage to those around. She can keep dealing continuous but not deadly damage to enemies far away with long bow.

gamesread - Kingdom Under Fire II Elven Ranger Trailer Released
gamesread - Kingdom Under Fire II Elven Ranger Trailer Released
gamesread - Kingdom Under Fire II Elven Ranger Trailer Released

Source: MMOCulture

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gamesread | Impact in talks with Cloud 9

Photo by lolesports

As the spring split ends, Cloud 9 look to make a move for NRG eSports’ Top Laner Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong.

NRG entered the North American LCS upon purchasing the spot from Team Coast, assembling a mixture of Korean and NA talent that had little experience working with one another. Despite a rather rough split, NRG managed to place 5th-6th place in the LCS spring playoffs alongside veteran team Cloud 9. Now that the spring split is over, ESPN reports that Cloud 9 is exploring new options, crafting a potential trade with NRG involving Impact, a former world champion with SK Telecom T1 who has struggled to find success since moving to North America.

Should the deal go through, Cloud 9 would be bringing back long time favorite jungler William “Meteos” Hartman from his one year hiatus from the LCS due to current jungler Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae and mid laner Nicolai “Jensen” Jensen already filling the team’s two import positions. Bringing Impact on board would force Cloud 9 to run the top half of the map platoon style, either rolling out Impact and Meteos or Rush and top laner An “Balls” Le, giving the team flexibility for next split’s new best of three series format. Both NRG and Impact have yet to comment on the situation, and it will likely remain that way for several weeks until a concrete deal is made between the organizations.

Even with a 5th-6th place team, Impact scored high in kill participation and damage dealt across all of NA’s top laners. Having such an experienced and flexible top laner who already has more practice with the BO3 format would surely be an asset to C9, assuming they could build proper communication and synergy. Comment below how you believe Impact should choose to move forward, and what summer split will hold for these two teams.

gamesread | CLG defends North American LCS crown

(courtesy of Riot eSports, flickr)

Counter Logic Gaming held off red-hot Team SoloMid in a riveting five-game slugfest on Sunday. In anticipation of our in-depth recap, we take you through some of the bullet points of this series to prep the palate.

North American mainstays Counter Logic Gaming took to the rift at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas to defend their North American LCS championship crown against once-underdog supersquad Team SoloMid.

In a stunning five-game marathon, CLG flexed their macro-play muscles en route to convincing Game 1 and 3 victories, while allowing the series to continually be tugged back into the TSM corner with Game 2 and 4 losses. 

Interestingly, CLG’s victories came at only a +2 kill differential over TSM while their losses left them at a dismal -20 kill differential. TSM owned three out of five 20 minute gold leads, but could not convert in closely contested late-game situations, allowing CLG’s superior map awareness, strategy, and team synergy to fluorish.

Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes was named the series MVP after a demonstration of levelheadedness and precision in such a high-pressure setting. The rookie’s numbers were in no way particularly gawdy, but his performance in Game 5 on a Guinsoo build Tristana turned doubt into domination, exploding in a decisive teamfight at the 45 minute mark, earning a triple kill and securing Counter Logic Gaming’s second consecutive NALCS trophy.

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg was an absolute monster in this series, regardless of the outcome. Posting an 8.33 KDA (22/6/28), Bjergsen’s worst performance was a 4/3/4 Leblanc effort in Game 3.

Counter Logic Gaming is the definition of a “team.” Sefless, confidently, and adeptly, they dictated the tempo of their victories from the first minute and set the pace for the series, often making TSM play on their terms. With a full season under their belts, both Stixxay and mid-laner Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyeon are primed to make a big leap in the summer, as CLG looks to lock up yet another trip to the world tournament.

G2 stymies Origen en route to first EU LCS Championship on gamesread

(courtesy of Riot eSports, flickr)

From Challenger to Champions, G2 eSports shrugged off historical European LCS playoff trends by knocking out Fnatic, then dismantling Origen in the finals to become LCS champions. Before our full recap, we take a quick glance at the series.

G2 eSports stuck to the formula: pressure, pressure, pressure, and this time it worked.

Origen were always just a hair away from winning Game 3 and 4, and both Alfonso “Mithy” Rodriguez and Paul “sOAZ” Boyer performed admirably, even in losses. The constant pressure by G2 was simply too much for them to handle, though. OG couldn’t pull through in tightly contested matches even with gold or objective leads, leading to a 3-1 victory for the Challenger squad.

You could very easily call upon some of Origen’s season-long demons as an explanation for this series. Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen has shown a regression from his dominant Worlds form, often finding himself caught out, mispositioned, or just unable to deal sufficient damage to turn fights around. You could also point to poor objective control. In their Game 1 and 3 losses, they destroyed a combined 4 towers, one dragon, and one baron. That’s it.

G2, on the other hand, dictated the tempo of the series, sometimes losing at their own game, but more often outpacing and overwhelming their opponent. Luka “Perkz” Perkovic showed a hell of a Zed and total Leblanc mastery in Games 1, 2, and 4, stealing the show on multiple occasions with flashy plays and constant presence. 

Ultimately, G2 were one step ahead every time it mattered. Across the board, their team is solid, showing very little weakness in a Bo5 format. If they can continue their regular-season domination, expect G2 to make a similar run at the Summer Split crown.

gamesread – NA LCS 3rd Place playoffs: Immortals vs. Team Liquid

Taken from LoLeventVODs – LoL Esports VODs

With 20 championship points at stake, there is much at stake. Immortals expected to walk away from this split with an easy championship win. Instead, they were bounced by Team SoloMid before even reaching the finals. Meanwhile, Team Liquid enters this series fresh off of a crushing 3-2 series loss against Counter Logic Gaming.

Game 1

The game started out slowly with patient play from both teams. Seven minutes in, first blood was drawn by Joshua “Dardoch” Harnett in the top lane for Team Liquid, but a couple minutes later a fight in the bottom jungle saw kills traded three for one in favor of Immortals. Dardoch picked up another kill in top lane, and an assist shortly after, making him a problem Immortals had to deal with and giving Team Liquid the early kill advantage.

The game progressed at a much faster pace after those kills, and both teams looked to find openings and put on as much pressure as possible.

The contest was really broken open with a fight that started in mid lane that saw Immortals take four kills for two, and with it the lead. From there Team Liquid were forced onto the back foot, and had to focus on defense. A fight in the top side jungle a few minutes later resulted in an Immortals Baron and an even larger advantage. At just under 25 minutes in, Immortals held a 6k gold lead and were up in towers, kills and dragons with a baron buff.

Team liquid fought back with four unanswered kills and pulled themselves back into the game. At this point the game looked very even, with a slight edge to Immortals. Shortly after this push by Team Liquid, Immortals had a push of their own. After picking up more kills in the top side jungle, they took their second Baron and secured the Game 1 victory.


Game 2

This game started out much quicker than the first, as both teams looked to make plays. With members of each team coming through Mid lane, Immortals’ Kim “Reignover” Eui-jin secured first blood. A few minutes later the teams traded kills in the mid lane due to some slight miscalculations on each side to give Immortals a slight gold advantage and a one-tower lead at this point in the game.

A three man push bot lane secured two kills for Immortals and gave them a four to one kill advantage overall, but Team Liquid responded with three kills of their own in later scrums. The game looked very close despite Immortals having such a strong start. An extended fight in Bot lane saw the teams trade three to one in Immortals favor, giving them some much needed confidence. Both teams looked to catch out carries to ensure easier teamfights, and it resulted in some very patient play as neither wanted to make a mistake. This proved to be a crucial time in the game, as when the mistake finally happened in top-side jungle, Immortals picked up four kills for one as well as a baron.

Despite a nice dragon steal from Team Liquid, Immortals still had an insurmountable lead, and one last fight in Mid lane was the final nail in the coffin for Team Liquid. Jason “Wildturtle” Tran came up huge with a quadra kill and finished off the nexus at 28 minutes in.


Game 3

Team Liquid were a game from defeat, and there was a clear sense of desperation in their play. When Immortals took first blood in Bot lane things only got worse for TL, now down 2-0 in the series, and already off to a bad start. Despite how inconsequential first blood can be in the grand scheme of things, it definitely hurt their confidence as a team in this case, although they were able to fight back with a kill of their own through Sampson “Lourlo” Jackson. Shortly after in mid lane, the teams traded kills and the game stayed very close.

This game was a slobber knocker, as the teams were constantly fighting with neither able to gain a clear advantage for a good amount of the game. Eugene “Pobelter” Park was quickly becoming a huge problem for Team Liquid with a triple kill from fight in bot-side jungle. At 25 minutes the kill count was 10-10 and the gold difference was almost as close. Despite how one sided the series looked, this game was very close, even with a slight Team Liquid advantage in gold.

Due to some miscommunication by Team Liquid, two members were caught out near Baron and Immortals were able to secure baron off the conversion. With it, Immortals decided to push bot lane and were able to take an inhibitor. They then moved their focus to mid lane, which still had an inner tower standing. A fight underneath Team Liquid’s mid tower saw Immortals get a five for zero ace and destroy the nexus at 30 minutes in.


In the end, this was well-played 3-0 in the favor of Immortals, which is a result many predicted. For this split Immortals will have to settle for 20 championship points and 3rd place, and put their focus onto practicing for summer and for Worlds. Team Liquid secured 4th place, which is respectable and a good base to build off of for the Summer Split. Both of these teams will be gunning for 1st come summer, and will try to prove they deserve a spot at Worlds.

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