gamesread – Dragon Nest KR Update 3rd Feb: Ice Dragon Nest

ice dragon nest Dragon Nest KR released the 8-man raid for level 90 cap, Ice Dragon Nest on 3rd Feb 2016, along with major skill changes for various classes, including Gear Master, Shooting Star, Destroyer, Inquisitor, Saleana, Sniper etc.

Ice Dragon Nest

Ice Dragon Nest is the 8-man raid instance for level 90 cap.

Entry requirement: Level 90
Party size: 5 – 8 players
Entry ticket: Seed of Snow
Weekly clear count: 2 times
Revive: 0

Stage 1: Ruin Entrance

Ice Dragon Nest Stage 1

Mutated Grizzly
20% ice/dark resist

Stage 2: Abandoned Fortress Arena

Ice Dragon Nest Stage 2

Killing Machine Baropo
20% fire/light resist.

Stage 3: Frozen Sanctuary

Ice Dragon Nest Stage 3

Ice Dragon
30% dark/light/fire/ice resist

All bosses have 46530 defence (28.06%) and 62667 critical resist (26.46%)

Full stats for all bosses

ice dragon boss

Ice Dragon Weapon Looks

Ice Dragon Gear Stats



  • All skill MP consumption is halved
  • MP recovery amount from skill is doubled



Cannon Blaster: 598% > 1095% (PVE)

– max 15 bullets (PVE, PVP)
– 831% > 1197% (PVE)

Chemical Missile
– 2987% > 3177% (PVE)

Mine Thrower
– 165% > 171% (PVE)

– i-frame added to right-click (PVE, PVP)
– consume 15 bullets (PVE, PVP)
– 4977% > 36678% (PVE)
– 46% > 1439% (PVP)

Gattling Gun Tower
– CD is changed to 22 sec (PVE)
– 681% > 1263% (PVE)

Cannon Tower
– CD is changed to 24 sec (PVE)
– 432% > 597% (PVE)

Ice Pump Tower
– CD is changed to 34 sec (PVE)
– 482% > 1632% (PVE)

Shooting Star

Alfredo Beam: 1257% > 2414% (PVE)

Reload EX: add effect – increase 1 bullet (PVE, PVP)

Class Mastery:
– add effect: reload 1 bullet every 4 sec (PVE)
– add effect:  reduce the CD of Chemical Grenade by 3 sec after using Reload (PVE).

Class Mastery II:
– Reload INS increase bullet (PVE, PVP)

Gear Master

Chainsaw Tower:
– CD is changed to 23 sec
– 3150% > 2692% (PVE)

Class Mastery:
– remove crit increase effect (PVE, PVP)
– add effect: increase 30% movement speed for 5 sec after summoning tower (PVE, PVP)
– add effect: reduce the CD of all towers by 50% (PVE, PVP)

Class Mastery II:
– changed to: after using Rocket Jump, Big Mecha Bomber INS can be used.
– Big Mecha Bomber and Big Mecha Bomber EX share CD.


Injector: 688% > 805% (PVE)

Mixed Infection: 215% > 1168% (PVE)

Poison Charging: 447% > 1230% (PVE)

Icing Mass: gain bubble after casting (PVE)

Magma Wave: 1457% > 1660% (PVE)

Cocktail: CD is changed to 10 sec (PVE)

Poison Break: CD is changed to 15sec (PVE)


C2H5OH: 214% > 1067% (PVE)

Magma Punch EX: additional damage is changed to 50% (PVE)

Ice Punch EX: additional damage is changed to 50% (PVE)

Magma Wave EX: add efect – CD is reduced by 10 sec (PVE)

Magma Wall EX
– press up/down to change the location of the pillars (PVE, PVP)
– add effect: CD is reduced by 10 sec

Ice Beam: reduce damage received while casting (PVE)

Class Mastery: Fire/Ice elemental increase is boosted (PVE)

Blade & Soul: Naryu Sanctuary Guide on gamesread

naryu sanctuary guideNaryu Sanctuary is latest hero instance to be introduced in Blade & Soul Online CN on Jan 2016. It is located at the new map area, released along with this update: Gu Won Sung Do. This guide explains the boss mechanics in each stage of Naryu Sanctuary.

1st Boss : Ab Kuen

HP: 134,400,000

Naryu Sanctuary - Boss 1

Martial Dance

Between 100% to 90% HP, after performing some normal attack, the boss will 1 x hammer throw followed by 2 x martial dance: 1st martial dance aims the nearest 3 party members to him while the 2nd martial dance target the furthest 5 party members from him randomly. Between 90% – 60% HP, he will using 2 x hammer throw before casting 2 x martial dance. Below 60%HP, he will be using 3 x hammer throw, before casting 2 x martial dance.

Each hit of martial dance induces daze/groggy effect. The damage from the martial dance can be block. Each hit from the martial dance applies a debuff on the party member (even if you block it). If there are 5 stacks of debuff on you, you will be dead. If the duration of the debuff expires, you will die also. This martial dance debuff will play a role in the add summoning mechanics (to be explained below).


One of the key difficulties for the 1st boss of Naryu Sanctuary is handling the adds summoning mechanics.

Adds Summoning

At 90%/ 60%/ 30% HP, the boss jumps to the middle of the field abd summon 4/4/6 adds.

At 90% or 60%, 4 adds will appear at the north, south, east and west of the field. The boss randomly pull 1 of them and push it away. At this time, he is invincible. After that, he throws 5 x hammer at the furthest party members from him.

During this time, the party members need to lure the other 3 adds and align them according to image below. The add furthest from the boss is the one which has been thrown away by the boss. The other 3 adds need to be lured in line with the 1st one. When the HP of the adds are brought to 50%, they will kneel and the AOE circle of explosion will be marked around them.

Naryu Sanctuary stage 1 - domino bombing

The adds can be double cc and carried into position as well. Take note that, by default, the adds will charge towards the aggro holder if no one attack the adds. The aggro of the adds can be changed easily by simply attacking it.

The furthest member who are luring the 5 x hammer throw must ensure that he is standing on the opposite side of these adds such that the hammer throw does not interfere with other party members who are trying to align the adds.

After that, he boss will ignite the furthest add which is thrown by him earlier. If you align the other 3 adds properly, the explosion will trigger a domino effect down the aligned adds and the boss will be damaged by the explosion chain ( – 10% HP). The invincibility of the boss is dispelled as well. The explosion also clears the martial dance debuff which are applied earlier and grant 2 new buffs to party member.

Ab Kuen will be weaken by the explosion and can be lifted by Destroyer or Blade Dancer.  Subsequently, the boss punch the ground and cast a stomp. If you don’t have the buffs granted by the earlier domino explosion, you will be killed by the stomp (even if you try to resist it with skills). If you have the buffs, you would still need to cast a damage resist skill to avoid taking damage from the stomp.

At 30% Hp, instead of 4 adds, 6 adds will be summoned instead. 4 of them are the real explosive add while 2 of them are the fake ones. The fake one will start to move slightly earlier than the real one. The fake adds should be lured away from the 4 real adds if possible to avoid confusion. Since the adds will chase after the tanker by default, normally the tanker is assigned to lure them to the opposite side of the explosive alignment.

See the video below for Naryu Sanctuary 1st Boss, tanker POV:

Blade & Soul CN Feb Update: Infinity Tower, New Upgrade Option For S2.5 on gamesread

infinity tower Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new contents on 25th Feb 2016, including Infinity Tower, new pets, new charms, new upgrade option for S2.5 weapons etc

Infinity Tower

Infinity Tower is a solo instance with 100 floors. A random NPC opponent awaits at each floor. The preliminary details has been explained by the previous update note for BNS KR.

You can get up to 3 entry tickets per day. The time limit for each floor is 4 minutes. Although you start at the 1st floor, you will advance to a higher floor if you kill the enemy in a shorter time.

infinity tower entrance

Your HP will be fully healed before proceeding up to the next floor. All the status debuff or skill effect from equipment will be reset upon moving to the next floor. Furthermore, you are allowed to select 1 of the 3 additional skill to aid you in battle. You can cast the skill in battle by pressing “`” button (beside “1”).

tower of infinity skill choices

The rewards for infinity tower include 2 new types of charms (divine plates) for each class. Charms are new equipment introduced last month along with the release of Mushin Tower F20. It does not grant any status but add additional skill effect.

With the release of these 2 new charms, there are a total of 4 charms for each class.

NOTE: the names of the charms are too fancy to be translated to English; i will just replace them with numbers ]

Blade Master
#3: When Soaring Falcon Stage 2,3 hits enemies for the 1st time, resist damage and abnormal status for 1.5 sec
#4: Flash Step (F) induces 1 sec stun upon hit (cannot combo with other cc skill)

Kungfu Master
#3: Casting Comet Strike (4) allows you to resist Stun, Daze, Knockdown and Knockback for 1 sec.
#4: Casting Tremor (4) allows you to resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec.

#3: Increase grab/choke (F) duration by 2 sec
#4: Increase movement speed by 20% when Typhoon (Q) hits.

Force Master
#3: Recover 20%HP upon casting Frost Armor (TAB)
#4: Frost Nova (3) induces Ice Prison on target for 8 sec.

#3: Resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec and recover 5% HP upon resisting with Shadow Dance, Sidestep Left (Q)
#4: Lightning Strike (RB) induces Knockdown on target, 3 sec after it hits (cannot combo with other cc skill).

#3: When resisting with True Friend (X) Stage 2, reset the CD of Beckon (E).
#4: When Briar Patch (4), Flying Nettles (F) hits for the 1st time, reduce the CD of Grasping Roots, Straggling Roots, and Weed Whack (1) by 50%

 Blade Dancer
#3: When Soul Stab (2) hits an enemy, reset the CD of Phantom Grip (4)
#4: Casting Heavenly Dance (RB)  allows you to resist stun, daze, knockdown & knockback for 5 sec sec.

#3: Quell (F) can be cast while using Warding Charm (1).
#4: Recover Familiar’s HP by 30% after using Fall In (E).

Soul Fighter
#3: Resist Stun, Daze, Knockdown & Knockback while casting Dragon Blitz (F)
#4: Recover additional 10% HP of party members when using Power Burst (X)


Skill Changes

The skill changes for various classes have been synchronized with the korean version.

Dragon Nest KR Update 2nd Mar: New Theme Park, Piercer Skill Changes –

new theme park; piercer Dragon Nest KR will be releasing new updates on 2nd of Mar 2016, which includes brand new wonderful theme park, skill changes for Piercer (Lencea), Crusader, Inquisitor, Moonlord etc.

Skill Changes


Fatigue: can be accumulated up to max 30. (PVE/PVP)

Hornet Touch
– 570% > 2919% (PVE)
– CD is changed to 18 sec (PVE)
– CD is reduced by 0.5 sec per skill level


Erratic Power
– attack/movement speed increase is changed to 10% (PVE)
– FD increase is changed to 20% (PVE)
– When using Erratic Power, casting Piercer, Flurry and Sting Breezer’s skill increases Fatigue.  (PVE)
– Automatic generation of Fatigue  is removed. (PVE)
– Powerless effect is changed: reduce 2% HP when using skill.  (PVE)
– Fatigue increase is changed to 3 (PVP)
– Fatigue reduction is changed to 3 when  Erratic Power is inactive (PVP)

Scar Maker
– attack buff is changed to 10% (PVE)
– Fatigue generation is removed (PVE)
– AOE duration is changed to 15 sec (PVE/PVP)
– Only Scar Maker or Will Maker is allowed to exist on the field at any time (PVE/PVP)
– Scar Maker shares CD with Will Maker.(PVE/PVP)

Will Maker
– add effect: consume 30 Fatigue upon cast.
– add effect: recover 0.5% HP per second
– damage reduction is changed to 30%
– AOE duration is changed to 15 sec (PVE/PVP)
– Only Scar Maker or Will Maker is allowed to exist on the field at any time (PVE/PVP)
– Scar Maker shares CD with Will Maker.(PVE/PVP)

Hovering Blade: 41% > 51.2% (PVE)

Spear Hand: 683% > 916% (PVE)

Rushing Blade: 321% > 432% (PVE)

Spring Haze:
– 228% > 284% (PVE)

Piercing Spike
– 345% > 448% (PVE)
– After level 16, its CD can be charged/stored up to 1 time (CTC skill). (PVE)

Fling Fling
– 1604% > 3108% (PVE)
– CD is changed to 20 sec (PVE)
– CD is reduced by 0.5 sec per skill level.
– can be used in air.

Dent Blows: 831% > 1196% (PVE)

– 2726% > 6666% (PVE)
– increase your crit rate by 90% within the AOE (PVE)

Stab Screw: 971% > 1518% (PVE)

Shutter Bounce: 1045% > 1707% (PVE)

Lollipop Chups
– 1782% > 3463% (PVE)
– CD is changed to 18sec (PVE)
– CD is reduced by 0.5 sec per skill level

Spinning Cut: 1465% > 2761% (PVE)

Spinning Swing: 691% > 1105% (PVE)

Fling Sky
– 7232% > 10799% (PVE)
– Vulnerable duration is changed to 2.5sec.

– 355% > 482% (PVE)
– CD is changed to 6sec
– CD is reduced by 0.5 sec per skill level
– Fatigue generation is removed (PVE)
– Evasive action can be triggered with shift+right-click


Spinning Skewer
– 1390% > 300% (PVE)
– additional Vulnerable damage 500% > 2500% (PVE)
– improve animation (PVE)
– CD is changed to 2 sec

Rough Sweep
– 1694% > 4142% (PVE)
– CD is changed to 18sec

Stab Screw EX
– deal additional 100% damage
– CD is changed to 12 sec

Spinning Cut EX
– deal additional 30% damage
– While charging,  left-click cannot be used
– For Stage 1~2 charging, press right-click at the right moment to unleash a power-up Spinning Cut
– The damage of power-up Spinning Cut is 500% of Stage 1 Spinning Cut
– Superarmor increase

Spinning Swing EX
– CD is changed to 6 sec
– Superarmor increase

Class Mastery
– add effect: reduce 7 Fatigue when blocking successfully with Hornet Touch
– Vulnerable duration is changed to 2.5 sec

Class Mastery II: Rough Sweep and INS do not share CD.

Sting Breezer

Arcane Focus: 980% > 1561%

Poking Beehive: 2780% > 4120%

Spear Hand EX
– add effect: left-click can trigger the explosion of Piercing Spike
– add effect: change the projectiles to piercing attack

Dent Blows EX
– CD is changed to 22sec
– Hit limit is removed
– Afterimage’s duration increase effect is removed

Hovering Blade EX
– Hit limit is removed
– Afterimage’s duration increase effect is removed

Poking Beehive EX: add effect – Trigger the explosion of Spear Hand EX.

Blade & Soul KR Update Mar: Warlock, Soul Fighter, Blade Master Skill Changes on gamesread

warlock soul fighter Blade & Soul KR has implemented new skill changes to test server on 23rd mar 2016 for various classes, including warlock, soul fighter, blade master etc. It is expected that more changes will be applied in the subsequent weeks and this post will be updated again. These changes are not final and might be modified when the patch is applied to official server.

Blade Master

Raid (2)
– Tier 2 Stage 1: increase Focus recovery and CD.

Dragontongue (RB)
– reduce the additional damage on Blade Stormed target.
– can be used without CD on Blade Stormed target


Kung Fu Master

Emit Frost (3)
– CD is changed to 90sec


Force Master

Divine Veil (C)
– enemies cannot parry/counter your attack



Repulse (F)
– Repulse Tier 3 Stage 3 can be used during Quell (1)
– Tier 3 Stage 3: CD is changed to 24sec
– Upon successful block with Quell, Repulse Tier 3 Stage 4 can be used.
– Tier 3 Stage 3/4: add effect – Dragoncall (4) and Wingstorm (V) can be cast instantly.

Bombardment (RB)
– Tier 3 Stage 1: add effect – reduce Focus consumption by 1 when attacking knockdown, stunned, dazed, floated target.

Onrush (Q)
– Tier 2 Stage 2: add effect – reduce CD by 6 sec on hit

Fall In (E)
– Tier 1 Stage 1: increase movement speed by 30% for 3sec
– Tier 2 Stage 1: Familiar is immune to damage and status effect
– Tier 2 Stage 2: dispel Immobile status and increase movement speed by 60% for 3sec; CD is changed to 9 sec


Soul Fighter

Elbow Smash (1)
– add effect: Parry piercing

Frost Nova (3)
– Stage 2 training is moved to Stage 3
– new skill training is added to Stage 2

Leg Sweep (4)
– the shared CD is synchronized with Dragon Strike (4)



Open Beta Announcement –

Greetings, Saviors!

Here’s a big announcement that all of you have been eagerly waiting for!
As some of you may have noticed on the website, there are quite a few things hinting at what is to come!

Yes, the Open Beta for Tree of Savior will be coming soon to a goddess statue near you!
So get your preferred control device ready, and don’t forget potions and stamina capsules either!
We’ll make another announcement on the exact date, so keep a vigilant lookout!

We know that all of you are eager to go slay some more Kepas and Popolions or craft some potions.
Before all that though, please read the updated ‘Terms of Service’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘EULA’.
Please go through them thoroughly and make sure you agree to them before playing in the Open Beta.

Much thanks and love to all of you fans out there for all your enthusiasm, support and love.
We wouldn’t have been able to get TOS to you so soon without them!

With love,
IMC Staff

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gamesread – Chris Evans says Civil War will "change the dynamic" of the MCU forever

If your day has so far been spent watching the new Captain America: Civil War trailer on repeat, then you’re not alone. It’s got us very excited for a number of reasons. Namely, the footage of Black Panther in action, Cap and Tony duking it out, and of course, that little cameo at the end. As delightful as it is, there remains many questions still unanswered. Luckily, the cast and crew hit up Buzzfeed’s Tumblr for a post-trailer Q&A with fans, giving us a few new scraps of info on the upcoming sequel. 

Of all the questions asked – and there’s loads – one fan asked a pretty important one: how might the events and conflicts that take place in Civil War affect the group afterwards? Chris Evans’ response makes that quite clear: “They will change the dynamic FOREVER.”

“There will be a long lasting fallout from the events of this movie,” director Joe Russo adds, “It will significantly alter the psychology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.” It’s not hard to imagine that being the case, with Cap and Bucky’s friendship getting rekindled while Cap and Tony’s lies in tatters. We could spend days guessing what might happen but until the film hits theaters we won’t know for certain what’s in store for the gang. 

gamesread - Chris Evans says Civil War will "change the dynamic" of the MCU forever

Whatever the future holds, Anthony Russo says that we shouldn’t worry. There’s lots of tales to come. “The beauty of superhero movies is that there are always more stories to tell,” he adds. “You can go anywhere with the genre. With Winter Soldier we mashed up genres by making a political thriller. With Civil War we are doing a psychological thriller. Infinity War will be something else entirely. And other filmmakers are finding new ground all the time. You can go epic, or you can do small and intimate character work. You can do real world or fantasy world. I think we can all look forward to many more years of surprising and original superhero movies.”

And that’s just the tip of the lettuce. The rest of the Q&A touches on a ton of fun topics, including Black Widow’s allegiance, the differences between the movie and the comic, and who Hulk and Thor would side with if they were in the film. 

Directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, and starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Tom Holland, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan, Captain America: Civil War opens in UK cinemas on April 29, 2016 and May 6, 2016 in the US.

Images: Marvel