Best MMO Game of 2014 — The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online was one of the most anticipated subscription-based MMORPGs to hit the PC in 2014. While many believed that subscription-based MMOs are a thing of the past, The Elder Scrolls Online found success with this mode and continues to flourish with monthly updates.

The release of The Elder Scrolls Online wasn’t perfect, although Zenimax Online is consistently listening to subscribers and fixing what needs to be done. A quality that is quite rare to find in newer RPGs. From launch up until now, The Elder Scrolls Online has seen a lot of improvements to its gameplay, aesthetics and end-game content. As we enter a new year, we are hoping that Zenimax Online continues to listen to fan feedback and release monthly updates.

Despite the delay of the console version, one thing console owners can expect is when the game launches on the PS4 and Xbox One, it will be bug-free and on par with the PC version. Just be patient guys!

Super Smash Bros. Fan Album Gets 27-Track Supplement

Back in October, we brought word of a gigantic Super Smash Bros. fan album called Harmony of Heroes, an obscene collection of 101 tracks spanning the entire Smash series. But despite featuring so much music, it lacked tunes from the latest Smash on 3DS and Wii U — the games weren’t out yet by the time work on the album was completed.

Therefor, project director Darren Kerwin brought the team back together for a supplemental album called Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash, which adds a modest 27 tracks to the pile. These are predominantly arrangements from the 3DS and Wii U sequels, save for songs like “Snake Eater” from Metal Gear Solid 3 and the Sonic the Hedgehog tracks that were missing the first time around. That means you can expect jams from Mega Man, Xenoblade, Pac-Man, Punch-Out!!, and others.

Hit up the Final Smash page to download the free album in either MP3 or M4A format.

Merry Christmas From MMOGames

After a month of waiting, today is the day. The MMOGames team would like to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. We sincerely hope this Christmas is one to remember. The members of our team will be spending the holidays with our family and friends, they are the most important thing we have in this world. We encourage everyone to do the same.

News updates and articles might be a little on the slow side for the next couple days. Not to worry though, there are lots of great titles coming in the new year and our intuition tells us 2015 is going to be a great one. MMOGames will be there every step of the way, providing the highest quality MMO related content.

Heroes of the Storm: 2014 Year In Review

2014 has been a jam-packed year for Heroes of the Storm! After a rocking PAX East in March, Blizzard launched their Technical Alpha, and have been working on improving the game and its infrastructure ever since so that more people than ever can join them in the Nexus. Throughout the year they also shared the latest game updates here online and offered thousands of attendees of PAX East, gamescom, PAX Prime, and BlizzCon a sneak peek at the developments ahead. What’s more, they even premiered their first Heroes of the Storm Exhibition Match at BlizzCon 2014!


Blizzard still have a lot of plans in store, and there are new Heroes, announcements, and a host of exciting new features ahead, including updates on Ranked Play, Draft Mode, and updated Social Systems on the horizon. Their aim is to continue to build upon the fundamentals they’ve established in Heroes of the Storm, and shape it into something even more fun and compelling. Most of all, they want players to be excited about jumping in for a brawl with their favorite Heroes, whether you are playing alone, with friends, or if you crave the pulse-pounding thrills of a competitive team environment. Whatever your preferences, they want to make sure they’re there to support you all the way to victory!


Over the last nine months they’ve introduced 32 powerful and unique Heroes, five dynamic Battlegrounds, 111 Skins, and 12 steadfast Mounts, with more on the way. Iconic Heroes like Jaina and Kerrigan have been joined by quirky and unconventional Heroes like the Murky and Abathur to offer players a variety of new, exciting, and often unconventional ways to do battle in the Nexus. They’ve also implemented a combined total of 369 different color Tints available across our Heroes, Skins, and Mounts to help you customize your look so you can brawl… in style. Better yet: all of these color Tints can be unlocked for free as you play your Heroes and seek to master them on field of battle.


But that’s not all! This year they’ve also been steadily working to improve the quality of their models, animations, and effects in Heroes of the Storm, and they’ve had six major patches. These patches have included not only a variety of new content and balance changes, but they also added a new Progression system, reward changes, extensive UI changes, Custom Games, Replays, and the option for players to add or remove human or A.I. players, and organize observers and teams much more easily.


They’re very excited to enter Closed Beta on January 13 as they continue to expand their pool of testers and move into later stages of testing. If you haven’t received an invitation to test Heroes of the Storm yet, it’s not too late! Make sure you’ve elected to participate in Heroes of the Storm testing by opting in on your account’s Beta Profile Settings page. By doing so, you’ll give yourself the best chance at gaining testing access as they expand the pool of invited players in the weeks and months to come.


Regardless of whether or not you’re currently in the Technical Alpha, they also wanted to take a moment to thank you for your passion and feedback for Heroes of the Storm, which continues to help them fine-tune and improve the game’s features and balance.

Conquer Online Kingdom Guild War: A Warm-up for the New Expansion

The PvP oriented MMOPRG, Conquer Online, announced that an important expansion, “Kingdom War”, will be released in the first quarter of 2015. In this expansion, 60 servers will be split into 6 big worlds. Every single server will be an independent kingdom, with ten kingdoms in each world. Facing potential invasion from other kingdoms, players from each kingdom need to complete quests, kill bosses, engage in PvP battles, and rush other kingdoms to carry out subversion, sabotage, intervention, and aggression!

Unlike traditional cross-server PvP events in other online games, the kingdoms in Conquer Online include the concept of a ruling party and opposition party. Guilds of each kingdom can assemble coalitions to announce intent to be opposition parties, and coalitions can elect either one of the guild leaders to be the president.

After the 1st Kingdom War, there’ll be a vote for all heroes for the favorite party to become the ruling party, and the president of the ruling party will be the “Emperor” for that week. A new Emperor will be elected after the next round of the Kingdom War.

A ruling party can arrange various official positions, such as Emperor, General, Palace Guards, and exercise the powers of the kingdom. The president can choose to be a tyrant, leading all the men to wage an invasion, or he can choose to be a wise ruler and reward all his civilians and protect his own kingdom.

Conquer Online Poster

The Kingdom War will allow thousands of heroes from different servers to fight in the same areas, becoming the biggest and most crowded battlefield since the beginning of Conquer Online! The update of this gameplay will bring more excitement for players from all over the world. It could even turn out that players from the Middle East, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, form their own kingdom. Players from North America can form the frontline as the US and Canada, and European players can also assemble their own kingdom, to make the Kingdom War into a true world war!

On the eve of the upcoming Kingdom War expansion, the Kingdom Guild War will have already begun. The Kingdom Guild War is a stress test battle for the coming Kingdom Wars. In the battle, players from 5 different servers, which included Faith, Honor, Lion, Triumph and Phoenix, were split into two forces. Heroes of the first 4 servers comprised the offensive force, and heroes from the Phoenix server became the defensive force.

Conquer Online Screenshot

There are three fortress gates for the offense to attack. The goal for heroes of the offense is to storm their way into the inner fortress and destroy all four Heaven Pillars. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the 1st Kingdom Guild War!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’ news: PS4 users can access free trial now

Gamers can now access the free trial of “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn” on their PlayStation 4 consoles, allowing them to explore Eorzea for free while building a character up to level 20. They will also be able to transfer their characters once they purchase the full game. However, the 14-day free trial has its own “limits” as not all aspects of the game are included in the trial version.

To get this freebie, players can visit the PlayStation store website and simply download it using their PS4 consoles. There are instructions detailing how to make their own accounts. One can also mark it as download and access it once they switch to their consoles.

“Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn” is a reboot of the original “Final Fantasy XIV Online” and is released to PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. This game follows the story of the original online game. The world is now rebuilt after the primal Bahamut destroyed almost everything. Gamers play the role of the hero who defends the world from invasion of the Garlean Empire.

Players can choose and create characters from the following selections: the human-like Hyur, the elf-like Elezen, the small Lalafell, the large muscular Roegadyn, and the cat-like Miqo’te. Moreover, players can choose whether they want to be from the Conjurer class, Lancer class, or Archer class, which is further categorized into four groups – Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, Disciples of the Hand, and Disciples of the Land. Gamers need to increase the level of their characters to unlock new jobs, skills and abilities.

Meanwhile, subscription is required in order to play. Minor updates have been released for the game, and the “Heavensword” expansion pack is bound to be rolled out in spring 2015. However, Square Enix has not revealed the exact release date of the game yet.

World of Warcraft Proposes Tradable Subscription Currency

Six-point-one. That’s all you World of Warcraft players need to hear to get psyched for the new year. The dev team took a brief pause in rolling in all of the money from Warlords of Draenor sales to talk about what’s coming up with Patch 6.1 as well as a proposed new subscription currency.

The patch, which will go into testing soon, will contain improvements to garrisons, a legendary follower, the ability to send tweets from the game, the new Blood Elf models, shorter flight master routes, incentives for visiting friends’ garrisons, and the new heirloom collection tab.

Even bigger than this news is word that Blizzard is “exploring” adding a subscription currency that sounds like EVE Online’s PLEX. The proposed idea would allow players to buy and sell game-time tokens for in-game gold: “Our current thought on this is that it would give players a way to use their surplus gold to cover some of their subscription cost, while giving players who might have less play time an option for acquiring gold from other players through a legit and secure system.”

World Of Warcraft Patch 6.1 Won’t Bring Back Flying Mounts

World of Warcraft’s first major patch since expansion pack Warlords of Draenor’s launch will be coming in early 2015. Today Blizzard revealed what’s coming in Patch 6.1 and the rest of the year’s updates.

Warlords of Draenor broke from series tradition by not allowing players to use flying mounts even at max level. Blizzard has indicated that they may reverse this decision. However, this won’t be happening in Patch 6.1.

Instead, the development team wants to make the existing transportation system – specifically flight masters – more efficient.

“We have some new tech in the works that will allow flight masters to provide more-direct routes to your destination, regardless of the flight points your character knows,” Blizzard said on WoW’s forum. “This’ll mean fewer roundabout routes; the flight masters will instead always try to send you on the shortest existing route. Hopefully, this will get you to your destination faster.”

Patch 6.1, however, will include the long-awaited reintroduction of heirlooms. These experience-boosting, scaling items will be consolidated into a single collection for your entire account much like Mounts or Toys.

“Heirlooms already on characters will be collected into the new UI (similar to other Collections features), base-level Heirlooms will be purchasable from vendors, and upgrade tokens that can be used on Heirlooms to raise their effectiveness to additional level caps will be obtainable through different forms of content. We’ll be looking for your feedback on the new system when the 6.1 PTR goes live.”

The patch will also continue the Legendary ring quest that will run throughout Warlords of Draenor. The next step will give players the chance to recruit a Legendary follower for their Garrison. The identity of this follower is unclear but Blizzard reassures players that this companion will have “suitably Legendary abilities.”

Players’ garrisons will be further improved by new upgrades and activities debuting in Patch 6.1.

“We’re working on making visiting your friends’ Garrisons even more rewarding, with a daily visitor to set you and your friends on a fun random task (complete with rewards, Achievements, and a meta-Achievement for finishing all of the tasks). We’ll have awesome new items to spend your Garrison Resources on, new Missions to complete with fun new rewards, new items to change your Followers with, a new tier of Garrison-invasion difficulty for the most tenacious of defenders among you (can your Garrison withstand a world boss?), new profession-building Missions, and a whole lot more!”

Patch 6.1 is said to be hitting the Public Test Realm soon so players can test its features for free. The date for the patch’s PTR release wasn’t announced by Blizzard today, though.

Later in 2015, Blizzard will give players a way to avoid paying a monthly subscription for WoW. Players could buy game-time tokens within WoW using gold and then either use them toward their subscription or trade them with other players. It’s similar to the C.R.E.D.D. system seen in WildStar.

“Our current thought on this is that it would give players a way to use their surplus gold to cover some of their subscription cost, while giving players who might have less play time an option for acquiring gold from other players through a legit and secure system. A few other online games offer a similar option, and players have suggested that they’d be interested in seeing something along those lines in WoW. We agree it could be a good fit for the game, and we look forward to any feedback you have as we continue to look into this feature.”

Blizzard has some changes in store for the player-versus-player side of the game, too. They want to make competition more balanced in the new world PvP zone Ashran while also reducing queue times. They hope to add more content to the zone throughout the year, too. The spectator mode for PvP will be getting an overhaul as well to make it run smoother in both official and player-run events.

One of the earliest new features coming to World of Warcraft in 2015 will be the Blackrock Foundry raid, though. Today Blizzard estimated that the raid will launch in February. They’re keeping tabs on how guilds are progressing through Highmaul now and may adjust the release dates of Blackrock Foundry based on that data.

Archlord 2 Releases Its Latest Expansion and a New Server

WEBZEN announces that the PvP-focused MMORPG Archlord 2 released its second expansion Eternal Strife and a new server today.

Eternal Strife introduces two new races, joining the ranks of the game’s factions. The Dragonscion join the Humans to support the Azuni’s cause, whereas the Moonelvesrally under the banners of theCrunn.Specialized in magic, these new races offerunique starting zones, new archetypes and weapons, thus extending the range of choices for the Archlord 2 players.


Making up for their lack of stamina with clever engineering, Dragonscion are equipped with a long-range magical Pistol, making them a serious threat on any battlefield. Moonelves are not to be taken lightly either, as they are fond of their signature weapon, the Orb, which delivers devastating blows to their enemies.Following the introduction of these newcomers, players can explore the two new starting zones, revealing a side of Chantradrastically different from any of the previous territories. Dragonscionwill start their adventure on the Island of Rest, populated with majestic towers and luxuriant forests, whereas the enchanting and mysterious Moonlight Tareh Forest will be the setting for the Moonelves’ first steps in Chantra.


With Eternal Strife, WEBZEN also opens a new Europeanserver, allowing newcomers to discover the world of Archlord 2 and existing players to start afresh if they wish to try out one of the new races.

To celebrate the winter season, the capital cities of Chantrawill be decorated with a festive lookand carolswill play in town to spread the Christmasspirit to their inhabitants.Furthermore, a Christmas event is taking place until the 13th January, in which players pick up a quest from the event NPC in town and collect candy canes from defeatedmonsters in order to win a ChristmasCostume for their characters.


For the players wanting to try out the Dragonscion or the Moonelves, a special event is now taking place, offering amazing rewards to whoever manages to become the first Archlord with a character of these races. Better start leveling now!

To add to the events bonanza, multiple server bonus are applied.Starting today, character experience, weapon mastery, item and gold drop rates as well as fame point acquisition will be increased until the 28th December.

Players with a WEBZEN account can download the game on the official website.
The trailer of the expansion is available on the WEBZEN YouTube channel.

Would you play Browser Games?

n recent years, with the development of web technology, type of game has been varied again. There are quite a lot of browser games online, such as Shifu, Nightfalls, Dragon Atlas and Dawn of King. Instead of having to download the application or client of game, we merely need to open a web browser and install a plug-in maybe and then we can start playing straight away.

Indeed, compared to many massive games like PC, console and massively multiplayer online games, browser games provide a much easier way to play and they are usually free to play. However, in terms of the quality of game, browser games might still have a long way to go.

I don’t play much browser games but I’m actually playing one now. It’s a Japanese web game called SD Gundam Operation and it’s on Yahoo JP. It’s a card game that you keep playing everyday to try to get better cards which improve your combat capacity in total. The reason why I play this game everyday it’s because it doesn’t cost me much time. I can play when working in office. The manipulation is simple: just some clicks on the interface and you finish the things you want to do then all you need to do is to wait. After finishing each activity in game, such as quests, battling with other players and killing bosses, there will be a CD that you have to wait before the next same things you want to do. Well this looks boring as it doesn’t even require you to think. Of course I play this because I love Gundam. Honestly the design of cards is good and if this game is not about Gundam, I wouldn’t even sign up for it I think. But objectively speaking, the quality of the game isn’t too good and it’s more likely that you just keep doing something everyday rather than playing a game.

I am not a professional browser gamer but I would say there are also other issues of browser games, which is the content. Let’s take Nightfall as an example, when I firstly knew this game, I found it is a copied version of Diablo III. The characters, the images, the bosses and the skills are very close to what I have seen in Diablo III. I can’t say it’s a bad game but this reveals a lack of creativity and I would play directly Diablo III rather than this game. I would spend money on what is really qualitative rather than spending time on those that I don’t feel enjoying. On the other hand, the control is just too simple that you follow all the time the guidance and just give it a click to finish everything. You don’t even need to pay attention or to think but do things step by step.

I wouldn’t say browser games are 100% not qualitative because I don’t play much. I might be wrong to make such comment above and I also know people who spend quite a lot of money on web games. I think that they are at least happy with the game but for me, most web games don’t feel entertaining during the playing. I might be focus on stats and number of games while I was still adolescent, especially at the time when I firstly start playing online games. I used to be satisfied by having rare items and powerful characters. However, it didn’t last for too long. Now I prefer having more interesting experiences in game, such as visual pleasure, original story and degree of freedom. Browser games can’t really provide much of these features. Finally I can only say that browser games might to designed for certain specific gamers.