Dark Lord Capabilities Guides For Mu Legend New Comers

MU Legend’s infamous Dark Lord, equipped having a shield for outstanding defense, is often a class that’s nicely suited to lead battles in the frontline. Instrumental in freeing humans from the Ashes, he sacrificed his humanity in exchange for superior energy.
The Dark Lord makes use of a wand and also a shield for recovery and helping expertise, and he’s instrumental in increasing the combat effectiveness of parties. Alternatively, his protection may be provided up in favor of a two-handed bludgeon that is optimized for damage dealing. This Class enables the Dark Lord to make use of high location attacks and crowd handle to raze battlefields.
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Stats and what to focus on gear
Shield Block to 50% Including Expert Ability (Pain Immunity) 10% and Left Click Capacity (Shield Bash) 5% (Should you determine to go with Dragon Knight Shield, you’ll be able to alter your talent Shield Bash to Thrust, A lot more Harm)
Cool Down Reduction as substantially as possible (Ideally you may hit 50% with Gear and Soul Points)
Evasion About 30% (Soul Point 9% necklace 5%, Chest Piece 5%, Boots 5%, Leg Piece 5%) of total 29% to aim for.
HP and HP Percentage on Gear 150K HP are Decent to become within a position to Mass Tank Pulls in Epic 5 Dungeons with no the need to have of Dying, Even so, Aim for 200K+ HP.
So as priority for stats: Shield Block Rate>CDR>Evasion>HP>All Damage Reduction>Attack>Crit Rate>Crit Damage
Specialist Expertise
March ¨C Technique ¨C Immunity
Allegro is your most productive choice just after you may have about 20% Evasion and gets improved the substantially much more you’ve.
Otherwise, you may choose to go Endurance
Soul Points:
CDR: 60
Evasion: 90
Defense or Health Appropriate after
Weapon: Crit Price tag two:5%
Shoulder: CDR 2%
Boots: Evasion two.5%
Rest two.4k HP and Beast Damage
or in case you can get your hands on Class Gems, Go for the one particular certain with abilities you use.

This Class is 1 thing you could need to have to adjust to boss fight, but your Trash Pulling and Killing Ability set remains the identical
This Class is often what you’ll be using until boss

Spin Attack ¨C Ice Claw ¨C Vicious Charge ¨C Protective Touch ¨C Eternal Fire ¨C Shield Bash ¨C Madness Absorption
For Boss Fight you’ll adjust the following primarily based on fight but as rule here what you might need
Boss specifically where you’ll need Quickly Escape (Dragon Heaven and Sanctum Final Boss)
Spin Attack ¨C Ice Claw ¨C Vicious Charge ¨C Protective Touch ¨C Holy Light ¨C Shield Bash ¨C Attack Order
Boss exactly where you don’t need swiftly Escape
Spin Attack ¨C Ice Claw ¨C Holy Light ¨C Protective Touch ¨C Eternal Fire ¨C Shield Bash ¨C Attack Order
Very best in Slot Gear So Far
Note: Stats with Underlining are Prefix
Weapon: Dragon Knight Scepter (10% Block Value ¨C 4950 HP ¨C Crit Value)
Shield: Dragon Hunter Shield ( Min 6% Shield Block ¨C CDR ¨C All Harm Reduction or 10% HP)
Shield 2nd Selection: (Elite/Boss Damage 20% ¨C 10% Block Value ¨C Crit Pricetag)
Helm: Dragon Knight Helm (10% Block Price ¨C 4950 HP ¨C CDR)
Chest: Dragon Hunter Armor (Evasion ¨C CDR ¨C All Harm Reduction)
Legs: Dragon Hunter Bottoms (Evasion ¨C HP ¨C All Harm Reduction)
Boots: Dragon Hunter Boots (Evasion ¨C CDR ¨C HP)
Gloves: Dragon Hunter Gloves (HP ¨C HP Recovery ¨C Crit Price)
Gloves 2nd solution: Dragon Knight Gloves: Elite/Boss Damage 20% ¨C HP ¨C Crit Price)
Shoulders: Lost King’s Spaulders (10% Block Price ¨C 10% HP ¨C CDR)
Ring: Giant Life Ring (HP 10% ¨C HP Recovery 495 ¨C All Harm Reduction 2% ¨C CDR)
Earing: Lost Dragon Eye (HP 10% ¨C Evasion 5% ¨C Elite/Boss Attack 20% ¨C CDR)
Necklace: Dragon Ornate Necklace (HP 10% ¨C All Harm Reduction ¨C HP ¨C CDR)
Necklace 2nd Selection: Dragon Slaughter Necklace: Elite/Boss Attack ¨C Elite/Boss Defense ¨C CDR ¨C 10% HP
Play Style: Eternal Fire Up, Run About collect mobs, use spin attack each now immediately after which once, all mobs gathered, Use Madness, spam your spin and Ice Claw, use Protective Touch for heal and Silence and Vicious Charge to obtain out or in of Damaging Situation.
As for bosses, realize that you might from time to time drop agro so usually do not panic, you may have Vicious Charge to grab immediate agro to acquire an although and start off out spamming your abilities as soon as extra.

Added offensive selection just after geared and enchanted decently would be the below for faster clears
Adjust all Scroll Stats to Attack
Specialist Talent as adhering to:
March ¨C Approach ¨C Death
Soul Point:
CDR: 30
Defense: 60
Overall well being: 30
the rest of Defense or Evasion
Shield Enchant: Shield Block 4.5%

Trash Pulls:
Spin Attack ¨C Ice Claw ¨C Vicious Charge ¨C Protective Touch ¨C Attack Order ¨C Shield Bash ¨C Madness Absorption

Spin Attack ¨C Ice Claw ¨C Vicious Charge ¨C Protective Touch ¨C Attack Order ¨C Shield Bash ¨C Holy Light
Thought of the above adjust is movement speed and considerably a lot more defense reduction through the run for more rapidly clears in epics run.
PS: Elite Harm Gear Notion Taken from T-Party Guide on YouTube
Edit: Added Gems, Some Secondary Possibilities for Gear, Talent transform depending on new gear
Edit two: Added Offensive Create for speed runs epics

They might be not worth the difficulty for motives that are sufficient inside the extended run. While they’re valuable for players, who might know nothing at all relating to the game. For probably the most element, they might be mastering tools for novices to ease them into the game.

Path Of Exile Blade Fury Blade Gladiator: Ideal For Beginning A brand new League

These days we are sharing with you this great Blade Fury Blade Gladiator construct a summary. That is perfect for beginning out the latest league and it can be perfect for maintaining enemies at bay, which can be good when you are feeling just a little bit overwhelmed with what POE is throwing your ways. So grab your POE Orbs and see why Blade Fury Blade Gladiator will be the approach to go.

The very first thing we desire to say is that this can be a make which is very flexible. So although it’s going to start you off on the correct foot, it is possible to then tweak it to your private preference as you get superior at the game. They are the causes as to why this make is a thing that you just ought to think about making use of.

Easy To begin: The main explanation we’ve picked this as a construct is that it is simple to start and may be performed from comparatively affordable uniques and products. With this thought, you may simply level up each of the strategies to the end of the game with this create so it’s something that may serve you nicely for the long haul.

Use Claws: As you might have guessed, claws are what that you are going to become applying and you will be dual wielding. You desire to have a Hellions Claw and after that a stronger 1 like a Scourge Terror Claw, but in case you are quick on POE Orbs or funds, normally, you could still have fantastic accomplishment applying two Hellions Claws, no less than to begin with.

Wonderful Offense: Blade Fury is the ability that you are going to be making use of. It really is especially deadly when going for any single target, nevertheless, it also can do properly against groups. In the event, you dual wield you get some great bonus like ten % attack speed, 20 percent additional physical attack harm and 15 percent possibility of blocking.

Sturdy Defense: This is a terrific development for all those that happen to be sick of dying so effortless. Evasion will be the initial layer of defense. Attack and spell block is your second kind of defense which serves as a backup in case your evasion does not work. Based on your gearing and Ascendancy situations, you’ll be able to have a 50 ¨C 70 % chance of the enemy missing the attack!

Excellent For Quickly Players: creating use on the Blade Fury Blade Gladiator is one thing that is certainly actually going to be sure you are able to fly around the map. You could go from enemy to enemy really quickly, hacking and slashing as you do. It truly is the sort of construct that is best for players who want that speedy paced combat. Even though it does let you run and gun so to speak, the make does also present you using a lot of protection from attacks so you genuinely do get the top of each world with this.

We wish to thank you for taking the time to study this. If you’d like the complete construct guide then be sure you give POE YouTuber, Engineering Eternity a appear as it is possible to see all of the ins and outs of this development and why it may be so successful. Also, we’re nonetheless supplying the most beneficial bargains on POE Orbs as you can save some key revenue as you are able to still get Path Of Exile Orbs in our Hot Sale!!!

The Flash: “Therefore I Am” Review on gamesread


Clifford DeVoe is more dangerous than he looks.

It was a hectic week for team Flash. Even as Iris put the finishing touches on her wedding plans, Barry and Joe finally came face-to-face with Clifford DeVoe. Needless to say, wasn’t at all what they were expecting.

We’ll have our review of “Therefore I Am” up a bit later tonight. Until then, let us know what you thought of the new episode in the comments below.

gamesread | Super Mario Odyssey Jump-Rope Glitch Discovered


Turns out Talkatoos are even more helpful than we thought.

A glitch has been discovered that allows players to get absurdly high scores in Super Mario Odyssey’s jump-rope challenge.

Kotaku reports that a newly discovered glitch has the leaderboard filled with scores all the way up to 99,999. This method has been dubbed the “Talkatoo glitch” as it uses the helpful bird close to the jump-rope challenge to cause the camera to freeze and suspend animations.

To get the glitch to work, players throw Cappy at the bird and talk to him just before Cappy reaches his mark, which eventually leads to Mario frozen in place as the rope moves cleanly around him.

gamesread | Super Mario Odyssey Jump-Rope Glitch Discovered

Played as intended, the jump-rope mini game consists of a challenge which sees how many times the players can successfully jump over the rope, with the Jump Rope Hero Power Moon available at 30 jumps in a row and Jump Rope Genius awarded at 100 jumps. You can check out your score (as well as the scores of your friends and players worldwide) on a nearby leaderboard.

Super Mario Odyssey recently made it into our top 25 Nintendo Switch games. For more help with power moons, check out our wiki for every Mario Odyssey Power Moon location.

Hope Corrigan is an Australian freelance writer for IGN. You can follow her on Facebook,Twitter, and Twitch.

gamesread – Coco Review


Seize your moment.

Both figuratively and literally, Coco is Pixar’s most human film. The movie delivers a compelling story centered around memorable characters that feel alive — even as they’re taking a journey through the Land of the Dead. The animation is top-notch as well, which adds to Coco’s effectiveness in telling its story.

The central conflict in Coco revolves around aspiring musician Miguel (newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) gaining new insights about his family’s history and their relationship to music. Miguel’s hometown has a rich musical history, but his family views music as a curse. Instead of singing songs and playing instruments, Miguel must put all of his energy into the family shoe business, which he despises. Miguel’s search for musical independence away from his family is deeply engaging.

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Throughout his adventure, Miguel must come to grips with the knowledge that what he thinks he knows about his ancestors may be inaccurate. The pains of growing up and learning harsh truths are powerful obstacles for Miguel to confront in the Land of the Dead. Miguel’s quest is about so much more than music. The theme of family and its importance is integral to Coco’s story, and whenever Miguel loses site of its significance, things go horribly wrong.

Gonzalez is incredible as Miguel, displaying a wide range of skills for an actor so young. He manipulates his voice in multiple ways to convey sadness or joy, and it speaks to his transformative abilities as an entertainer. An example of this can be found when Miguel is playing his guitar and singing along with his favorite musician, Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). As he sings, the longing in his voice for a life outside the confines of his hometown is palpable. His emotions come through with each note that he belts out. There’s not a single moment where his performance falters.

Miguel’s companion through most of his journey in the Land of the Dead is Hector, played by the talented Gael Garcia Bernal (Mozart in the Jungle). Like Gonzalez, Bernal is fantastic, as he deftly creates Coco’s most complex character. He’s equal parts charm and insecurity, but to delve deeper into why the character is so rich would be to invite spoilers. The Mexican actor gives a weight and distinction to Hector’s voice that makes him seem wiser than his years. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in voice-over work, Bernal distinguishes himself here.

The directors made an interesting and successful creative decision to include the prevalent use of Spanish language without including subtitles. It’s used in just the right way, so the viewer won’t feel lost in the moment, and with enough context clues for the audience to understand what is happening even if they don’t know what is actually being said. It’s one of many effective ways that the filmmakers embrace and celebrate the movie’s Mexican roots.

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As fine as many of the voice actors are, none of this gorgeous tale would work so well if not for its stellar animation. Disney Animation and Pixar keep one-upping each other year after year: Disney’s Moana was dazzling, but Pixar’s Coco kicks it up several notches with character models that look almost too real. The way the orange glow of the candles at a cemetery casts shadows over the faces of people visiting their loved ones is simply exquisite. Every frame — from Miguel’s hometown to the Land of the Dead — is brilliantly realized. The fact that you can see every wrinkle that outlines Mama Coco’s face in particular highlights the level of depth the animators are able to create. It’s scary at times how good Coco looks.

The Verdict

Pixar’s journey to the Land of the Dead was an ambitious undertaking, even for a studio that’s produced some of the best-animated films of the past 20 years. But Coco wonderfully explores familial themes, identity, and learning what it means to grow up in a world that isn’t perfect. Miguel’s trip is a representation of what it means to grow up and learn the truths about how life works outside the safe confines of home. Hector, Miguel and even the slobbery dog Dante are all characters I won’t soon forget.


Disney·Pixar’s Coco

Releases November 22, 2017


gamesread – KOG Games Releases Elsword Insider Volume 2

The new video shows off all the benefits of the latest update for the game. Details below:

Secret Dungeon

  • Lowered Difficulty on Lv.70 ~ 89 Secret Dungeon(s) – This revamp was done so that players who are new to Secret Dungeons will have less trouble clearing them without dying multiple times; originally quite the daunting task.
  • Luto Mode is now available for Lv.90 and Up Secret Dungeons – This was done to bring players together that may be more closely geared/leveled so that the individual players should carry their own weight. In short, there should be fewer mistakes and needless wipes from under-geared players, and less trolling towards them in what used to be accidental entry to Lv.70 ~ 89 Luto Mode dungeons.
    •   – Lv. 70 ~ 89 players will be queued together unless a Lv.90+ character parties with lv.70 ~ 89 players.
    •   – All Lv.90 + characters will be queued together.
  • Instead of needing to go to a specific Village Blacksmith for Village specific Secret Dungeon Exchange or Upgrading needs, players will be able to Exchange/Upgrade all Secret Dungeon gear with any Blacksmith in any town.
  • Lowered the Upgrade costs required for Normal Secret Dungeon Gear (Grendized-Rank) so there will be less need to grind out Daily Quests when upgrading.

Heroic Dungeon

  • Heroic Dungeons are now easier and have only 1 difficulty level.
    •   – Players that have geared themselves out with upgraded Secret Dungeon Gear will have an easier time running Heroic Dungeons.
  • New (1) Difficulty Heroic Dungeons will yield Hell Difficulty Heroic Mode loot!
    •   – Because the loot from the Hell Difficulty Heroic Dungeons has been transferred to the new, lowered difficulty structure, players will receive more significant, relevant gear. Previously, players were at a risk of getting gear that was worse than what they'd have received from Secret Dungeons

Add's Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon

  • Daily Quests added for Add's Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon negate RNG so that players are guaranteed to receive the same amount of Energy Shards
  • For those that are extremely lucky (or unlucky) and get duplicate drops of the same Void-Type Weapons, they can now dismantle them and can get more Energy Shards

Elrianode Dungeon

  • For some players, just experiencing the end game story could be difficult. Some weren't geared enough but wanted to just complete/experience the story of Elsword. With the new Story Mode difficulty, they can now experience the Debrian Laboratory & El Tower Defense Dungeons at a significantly lower difficulty.
    •   – The difficulty is lowered and penalties like Resurrection Limits were removed from the El Tower Defense Dungeon in Story Mode to make it easier to complete.
  • Players no longer need to complete the previous region's Epic Quest lines in order to start the Elrianode region Epic Quest lines.
    •   – This makes it easier for those that are only after the Elrianode Equipment from the Elrianode Epic Quest lines.

Lanox, Atlas, and Elysion

  • The Lanox Epic Quest Line – Players no longer need to complete these to begin the Atlas Epic Quest line
  • Atlas Epic Quest Line – Players no longer need to complete these to begin the Elysion Epic Quest Line
    •   – This change allows players to pick up the respective quests wherever they please; just in case they out-leveled the Lanox or the Atlas Regions from grinding Secret Dungeons
  • All Elysion Dungeons will have their difficulty removed
    •   – You won't have to worry about mistakenly running the wrong difficulty dungeon for your Epic Quest Lines

Camilla's Skill Manual Quests

  • Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Skill Manual Quests have been revamped
    •   – Expanded the Regions whereas players can acquire the required items to complete the Skill Manual quests
    •   – This revamp allows players to progress through the story while completing the Skill Manual Quests instead of being stuck in a specific region that they may have out-leveled (due to bad RNG/Not getting the drops they need)

Fever System

  • The Fever System has been revamped to become more useful/relevant
    •   – Players will no longer be forced to enter the 1 Bead "Awaken" status, sacking their desire to have the benefits of the preferred 3 Bead "Awaken" Status.

Shooty Fruity Coming to PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on December 19, 2017 – gamesread.com

nDreams, the UK’s leading purveyor of VR produce, is delighted to announce that Shooty Fruity is releasing for PlayStation®VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this December 19, 2017, priced at €19.99/$19.99/£15.99.  Getting the game early will give players access to exclusive content.

Shooty Fruity Coming to PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on December 19, 2017 - gamesread.com

Shooty Fruity challenges players to scan, pack, serve and more whilst firing stacks of guns at tons of mutant fruit across their glowing supermarket ‘Career’.  Featuring brand new multi-tasking gameplay designed from the ground up for VR headset and motion controls, players shoot pineapples, pomegranates and more whilst doing jobs across numerous shifts, including the newly revealed Canteen job role.   What’s more, new weapons can be purchased in the staff room, the game’s central hub where players can also customise and test their load out, including C4 launchers, flak cannon-style shotguns and more, all whilst grabbing a cup of coffee!

You can check out the game, along with newly revealed content hot from the nDreams canteen in this all new trailer:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the reception so far of Shooty Fruity, most notably being chosen by gamers at EGX 2017 as one of the Top 10 of the Show” said Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO/Store Manager at nDreams, “If you thought Job Simulator was a blast, wait to you get a load of Shooty Fruity and its arsenal of berry-bursting weapons. Work has never been this much fun!”
Anyone that pre-orders the game, or buys it over the holiday season, will get free exclusive content, including the ‘Explody Bear’ grenade and the ‘Golden Guns’ skin pack for your arsenal.  You can already pre-order the game through the following links:

  • PlayStation EU: https://store.playstation.com/#!/cid=EP4114-CUSA09500_00-B000000000008043
  • Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/666100
Shooty Fruity Coming to PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on December 19, 2017 - gamesread.com


Dark Souls Inspired Left-Hand Path Now Available on Vive and Oculus Rift on gamesread

Developed and published by Strange Company, Left-Hand Path, a Dark Souls-inspired room-scale virtual reality adventure and horror RPG where players hold the power of magic in their hands, is now available for $29.99 USD/€27.99 EUR/£23.79 GBP on Steam for Vive and Oculus Touch.

In Left-Hand Path, players awaken in a cursed darkened castle with a tragic history full of never-before-seen, freaking scary-ass creatures that are after your skin. Armed with arcane powers and a thirst for exploration, players must wield their newly-found powers and explore to find even more powerful spells and rituals, while trying to stay alive long enough to solve the mysteries of Well of All Rewards.  

"Left-Hand Path is proof that you should be very afraid of things that go bump in the night and hide in the dark," said Hugh Hancock, indie developer behind Left-Hand Path." "I designed it to in a way that the story will compel you to finish the game even though your common sense will tell you to stop playing because you no longer have any shit left in your body to be scared out of you."

Dark Souls Inspired Left-Hand Path Now Available on Vive and Oculus Rift on gamesread

Fans Agree – Early Access Build Received an 86% Positive on Gamer Steam Reviews.

“ I was lured in by its enchanting graphics and fantasy lore that just blends in so well with the story. They're also horror elements I've jumped more in this game than any horror game I played with only two of the scares rigged.” – Knytron OMEGA

“My girlfriend said "this isn't as scary as you said." Then the very first enemy in the entire game attacked her. She screamed and tried to rip the Vive off, failed, and ran directly into the wall then fell on the ground.” – Deathdefy

“This game is right up there with Vanishing Realms. It's the scariest game I have ever played and the graphics and sound are excellent.” – Montaigne

Gameplay Features

  • Full Video Game: Delve deep into a fleshed-out game experience – over 15 hours of single-player, VR-exclusive content.
  • Battle for Your Life: Fight lethal monsters that will test both your physical skills – duck, dodge, outmaneuver – and your mastery of magic.
  • Spell Casting: Learn arcane gestures to cast powerful spells. Examples include fling acid missiles, strike your foes using the lightning staff, rain meteors from the sky, conjure an army of screaming skulls, flaming boulders from the ground, and many more.
    • Master a complex ritual magic system based on historical Hermetic magic.
  • Expand Powers: Gather the fallen Husks of your foes to gain power and unlock new abilities.
  • Exploration: Choose whether to explore nooks and crannies of the world to discover secret truths and powers. Investigate eerie landscapes, and interact with other humans, including historical figures such as Lord Byron and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and strange creatures.
  • Locomotion: Supports both teleport and sliding.
  • Minimum Specs: Runs on any PC or gaming laptop that supports VR.
  • NEW IN RELEASE VERSION: Low-Terror Mode and Story Mode: Play the game youwant to play. After massive demand from Early Access players, Low-Terror Mode allows you to experience Left-Hand Path’s gameplay and story even if you don’t have a high terror tolerance, while Story Mode will let you experience the narrative and VR atmosphere without dying a million times in the process!

“Left-Hand Path is not your traditional VR experience. This is a full 15-hour video game with immersive storyline written to sink you further into the game. This is not your grandma’s VR, and this is not a seated experience. You will need room to cast spells, avoid enemies and their weapons, peak into secret passages, and bring hidden items into view. This is a room-scale game only. Prepare to die and try not to soil yourself,” said Hancock.

For more information and to purchase, please visit Steam.

gamesread | Black Desert Mobile Reveals Combat Gameplay for 5 Characters

After gathering much attention with their character customization video, Black Desert Mobile  just released a video showing combat gameplay.

On the 14th, Pearl Abyss, the Black Desert Mobile developer, revealed the combat videos for each character on their teaser site.

The video includes actual combat gameplay scenes for the Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, and Valkyrie, which are five basic classes released when Black Desert Mobile launches. This makes it possible to guess the special characteristics of each class.

In addition, the unique exciting action and surreal battles from the “Black Desert” can now be experienced in the palm of your hand. The combat effects from using powerful skills really help users engage with the game.

“We are excited by the reactions we got from everyone when we released the customization video last week,” said Young-chul Ham, Pearl Abyss’ Strategic Planning Director. “We will try our best to quell your curiosity at the ‘Media Showcase’ next week when we reveal more content and future service plans to everyone.”

gamesread | Black Desert Mobile Reveals Combat Gameplay for 5 Characters

Black Desert Mobile will hold a media showcase on the 23rd and start pre-registrations in Korea. Instructions on how to pre-register and the trailers can be found on the Black Desert Mobile teaser site (https://www.blackdesertm.com/ ).

Also, the official Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BlackDesert.Mobile ) has a variety of events for users to participate in. They plan to hold more events and provide the latest news about the game to engage with the users.

gamesread – 5 Games to Unleash Your Inner Cersei Lannister

Another season of Game of Thrones has come and gone but please don’t tell me what happened–I’m waiting for the books. And yes, no need to say it, I am an idiot. But just like the end of every Game of Thrones season (I assume) someone or something has left a path of carnage in their wake, and now all that’s left to do is count the bodies. Did…anyone I may know get “Red Weddinged?” Wait, nope, forget I asked.

When it comes to stacking bodies no one does it quite as well or with as much flair as Cersei Lannister. That’s why at the start of season 7 we decided to put together a list of games that give you the opportunity to really let your inner Queen Regent shine through. She is still Queen Regent, right? No, no, don’t tell me.

Queen Regent or not, Cersei would approve of how these games encourage you to murder, pillage and just generally be kind of a bummer to be around. And while it’s not necessary to sinisterly cradle a goblet of wine while you play these games, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.

And hey, what do you guys think George R.R. Martin is doing right now? Think he’s writing? Sigh. No, neither do I.